Zeiss Opmi 99 for sale. Impeccable condition


I am selling a zeiss opmi 99 for $5000 CAD firm. I am willing to ship but shipping will be extra. (It has a very heavy base so I don’t think it can be shipped using the usual couriers.)

The scope is in excellent condition and it is ready to go to work for you if you want it.

I accept cash, interac e-transfer and possibly paypal (cost of scope plus paypal fees).

Item location is Toronto, ON.

Please message me here if you are interested.

I’d be one closest and most likely to buy such a device, but 5000 is way too much money for me.

You should watch ebay. I have seen them around $2000.

the primary difference being that a dollar is not a dollar. Our cannuck bucks exchange rate means your 2000 Us is at LEAST 3000 of our dollars.

Why did the link I clicked on say;“Zeiss Opmi 99 for sale. Impeccable condition”? Where might I find that machine for sale?

What distance is the magnification lens?

Hello, is this microscope still for sale?

What is the distance number of your lens? 175 or more?

This post is from over a year ago, I doubt they are paying attention or that themicroscope in question is still for sale.