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I recently had laser hair removal for my face and it took nearly 10-15 minutes and hurt soo much! the doctor said that the redness should subside in half an hour and I had so many red spots all over my forehead cheeks and chin. It took much longer for it to subside and sometimes wished that I never had it done. I have sensitive skin so maybe I should have expected this to happen. The redness has lessened a bit but it’s still very obvious and embarassing. Its been more than a week now and I still have red spots near my jawline and my cheeks and my chin is still a bit red. My skin is flaking especially on the sides of my cheeks even though I try my best to keep the area mosturized. I’ve gone through some posts in this forum and some people where talking about shedding… i’m not sure what you mean by that. I was also wondering if your skin texture return to what it was before the treatment?
And so I’d like to compare what happened. Did you experience any redness or small but many spots? I had to pay approximately $950 for the five sessions. I lived outside the USA and I just wanted to compare the price I paid with yours.

Sorry for it being long and thanks for any replies in advance :smile:

Do you know the type of Laser that was used on you? Also, could you describe your skin and hair color. Based on what you described so far it sounds to me like you had an aggressive treatment that in all likelyhood will heal fine, but I wonder, did you Technition talk to you about any short term effects on your skin? What I mean is, did he/she tell you to expect one thing, and what you are seeing is much worse. On another note, “shedding” is simply the process of dead hairs releasing themselves from your skin over a period of days or even weeks. You don’t want to pull out or pluck the hairs that have been treated, rather you let them “shed”.

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Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the laser used but will check it out next time.

I think I’m a type 3/4 skin type, I’ve got black hair and my skin is not really light(I’m from the Middle-East), actually my facial skin is much lighter than my legs, arms etc.

she did mention what might happen (redness) but unfortunately she didn’t elaborate and that’s what made me panic a bit. Although I must say that I couldn’t face what I saw on the mirror the first day … it was just horrible, it was as if i had red spots all over but fortunately there is a large difference b/w then and now.

I still have a some small red spots but they seem to be inside the skin.

Should I be experiencing flaking? and I haven’t noticed any hair being shed.

Hi! Without knowing which machine was being used, I will risk saying that you were overtreated, especially for your background and skin type. First treatment should be on the conservative side, to see if any negative reactions occurs (like yours). Are you wearing sunblock? This is very important, since darker skin hyperpigments very easily when damaged even mildly. Your skin should not be flaking, but also, are you taking any medications, antibiotics especially, or using any retinoid or glycolics? All of these could cause a photosensivity reaction, and should not be used while having laser tx. Your skin should recover, but you must treat it gently, keep it moistured and sunblocked. The hairs don’t really shed for almost 2 weeks, so don’t give up just yet. Keep us posted on your treatments. :wink:

Oops - I’m sorry, I didn’t finish. The price is reasonable for your treatments, especially if you are having the whole face treated. Ciao~!!