Your knowledge is needed ..please help ....

Hi everyone 26 m here needs your help.I am olive skinned with excess facial hairs(cheek area).The hairs are fine black hairs and i am considering lightsheer.I understand that i am not the ideal candidate but the hair is black and darker than my skin.Would this still qualify me to be a laser candidate?I know the answer to this would be based on your physicians judgement but the fact of the matter is i have no recommendations for any good physicians in my area thats why im so scared to go.Any recommendations in the Orange County-Los Angeles area would be a blessing for me.I have read about Dr Rosenbach but i dont think he uses the lightsheer laser. At first i didnt get the whole feed my kitties thing but now i fully understand.I feel it only appropriate to help someone back that has helped you.That is a small price to pay.I have found a wealth of knowledge here and hopefully my friends here can aid me in making the right decisions.Thanks all …

Just wanted to add that electrolysis is not an option because ive had a few sessions and it has left some scarring.Not to put down electrology in any way but its just not the right option for me and no matter how you put it,insertion of a needle in your skin is going to do some damage…

No offense taken, however, if you find a good practitioner, you would not have any scarring. Frequently, you can even avoid short term scabbing as well. It is all the skill of the practitioner, and the good post treatment habits of the client.

If you want to give Electrology another go, try some of the people in the LA area that other HairTell Members have seen, and had good results with.
Either way, Good Luck!

i’m afraid i don’t have much to offer in terms of advice, except to say that i have light olive-toned skin, and i’ve had 3 lighsheer treatments without any problems. the key word in that sentence is ‘light’. i never go out in the sun. so, if you have any degree of a tan (and, living in cali, you might), lightsheer may be too much of a risk. get a couple patch tests done to be sure. from what i understand, the practitioner could turn down lightsheer so that it doesn’t harm your skin, but at that point it might be too weak to be effective. you could always try coolglide, or one of the other lasers that are supposed to be better for darker skin.

good luck, and let us know how it goes.

What laser do yall recommend for dark skin ?Electrology has left signifigant damage where i couldnt afford to have anymore scarring.Could the apogee laser be an option for me ?

chech into a yag laser.