Your Experience!!

Let’s talk about your experience.

  1. what kind of laser did you use?

  2. which area? (chest, back and so on…)

  3. how much does it cost? (per treatment)

i think this is good for us to get more information.


  1. diode laser

  2. chest

  3. $300/treatment

  4. 5 treatment so far. it’s expensive!!

  1. Diode lightsheer and electrolysis

  2. Whole body from neck down to toes.

  3. to date about $11,000 CDN on laser (4 treatments) and $4,000 CDN on electrolysis (approx 2 treatments on some areas 4 on others)

  4. The end is in sight after 15 months.


2.Chest,Underarms and entire pubic area
3. I never kept records; but I estimate it was in excess of $3000.oo
4.I got completely smooth and it has remained that way