Young man with hair worries - please help!!



I’m in my early 20’s amd I worry about all the hair on my body, constantly. I really need to get this sorted out as I have to make excuses when I’m with girls, i cant go to the beach, and I have to sleep with a t-shirt etc etc…

I have white skin and thick black hair. Over the last few years, the hair on the back of my legs has spread to my buttocks. Its just as dense there as it is on my legs. And has continued up to my lower back a bit.

I also have bad stomach hair, i like my chest hair, but instead of having the usual line of hair extending down from my chest to my abdomen, i just have a large circular patch of hair covering my stomach.

I have some hair on my shoulders too.

I’ve read a little on the various treatments and lazer seems the best. If I was to remove hair for my buttocks, is it possible to remove hair from the top of my legs too. I’m worried that I’ll be completely bald on my butt and really hairy on my legs - wont that look nearly as wierd. Is there any way of blending between the two extremes. I really hope so. My legs are also just as hairy on bith sides.

ANyway, i really need cheering up, do i need to accept that i have a bad body hair problem which can never be completely eradicated, or is it possible for me to live a normal life.

Thanks for your help,


BTW, are there any other online forums - perhaps one for men. And is male hair problem focused on as much as those of wemen. All the sites I’ve checked, are female orientated, and seems as if my problem fits in the freak catagory, despite the fact that I now I’m not alone.


Sorry about the slow response!

With light skin and dark hair, you are a good laser candidtae. Laser rarely removes all hairs, so you can keep going until you get the hair to the amount you desire. It’s possible to “feather” it a bit on areas where you want a fadeout of hair instead of a sharp line.

Be sure to go with someone who has a lot of experience.


Thanks Andrea,

Just wondering what you mean by “get the hair to the amount you desire”. As the treatment continues, does the hair eventually become short, and light in color or will an area become less dense with hairs but the hairs that remain are still similar to those you’d start out with.

Also, just wondering what might stop a light skinned person with dark hair, being a good lazer candidate? I’ve shaved the area im concerned with a few times and this resulted in the hair growing back thicker and longer and stright - it was curly first - does this have any bearing?

Thanks Ryan.


Shaving will not affect your laser outcome. Some consumers do not respond well to laser, even with light skin and dark hair. They don’t know why yet.

As far laser hair reduction, a typical response in those who have success is a gradual thinning of hairs to a lighter color and a thinner diameter. Some dark hairs may be killed outright, but the response rate is not really possible to estimate. If I were going to pull an amount out of thin air, I’d say maybe a third of the dark hairs will be affected by a laser treatment, with additional amounts with each successive treatment. That doesn’t mean you will remove all hairs, but that each treatment is likely to increase the amount of reduction.

However, there comes a point where you get less and less reduction each time, after which laser probably won’t do much more. Since you’re looking to thin things out, this might be ideal.

Keep in mind there are no guarantees, but you sould like someone who would be a good candidate for laser hair reduction.


You are not alone. Half of the patients that my laser practitioner treats are men.

Try to find a practitioner that uses a diode laser like the Lightsheer ET. Since you have light skin they can really crank the fluence level up so you can eliminate more hair more quickly.



I’ve had laser done on my arms 3 times now. I have thick, black hair too.

3 months after treatment, when the hairs have regrown, they are lighter, finer, and less noticable. However, each treatment only causes this effect in about 10-20% of the hairs treated.

So, after 6 months and 3 treatments, 40% of the hair that used to be thick and black is now lighter and brown.

It’s a very long term process. They recommend 6 treatments, which is 2 years, for 'final" results.

Once hairs become lighter, and finer, they no longer respond to laser as well. That’s fine with me though. I’m documenting my experience with pictures, and will post them someday.


Definitely keep us posted, vulpes! :relaxed:



I am a 21 year old female and would like to try to cheer you up.

First of all, different people find different things attractive, and just because you have a lot of hair doesn’t mean you are a freak, or need to feel ashamed. A lot of girls like guys with hairy chests, and a lot of girls like guys with hairless chests, and a lot of girls really don’t care as long as they like the guy.

Also, remember that there are girls out there who aren’t exactly hairless either (namely, me) and are not only accepting but also sympathetic of your situation. Almost all girls know how much of a pain hair removal is, and probably understand your situation more than you think.

Finally, remember that confidence is everything and hair accounts for very little. My 18 year old brother has a lot of hair (we have the same genes) which he secretly hates and wishes he didn’t have. However, it doesn’t seem to stop his girlfriend or the multitudes of other girls who are after him. Not all girls are shallow. I’m sure you have plenty of attractive qualities and right girl won’t even notice anything else.


Orange makes a great point-- although I maintain this site for those who want hair removal information, the key to life is self-acceptance. For some, hair removal can help their confidence, but for others it’s just a reason to beat themselves up.

If you want to get hair removal, get it for you, not for anyone else.

I actually know lots of women who don’t shave their legs or armpits who are seriously gorgeous and awesome, and I’ve dated a couple of very hot very fuzzy guys!

In my own case, I did hair removal, because I knew it would increase my self-confidence, and you know what? It did! However, I know people who think, “Oh, if I just get this or that cosmetic improvement, then I’ll be worthy of love.” That’s a real slippery slope. If you keep heading down that path, eventually you’ll look like Michael Jackson! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, it’s possible to love yourself, hair and all. If you start out feeling good about yourself, than hair removal takes on much less significance.