Young males embarking on electrolysis

Hello i have tried too look around on this website for users who are aged between 18 - 23 and male couldnt find many.I have also asked some questions but still seem not too have a clear understanding of how effective electrolysis would be for that range in males.

How long will it take and will most of my hairs be present around that age too treat etc.

Please can someone answer my questions throughly and with detail as i am so confused… please please

Thank you


I can advice you to take a look at the topic wich call : diary of a scandinavian boy.
Boy1989 received a successful electrolysis treatment and he is 23 years old.

There’s absolutely no reason a male that age cant have it done. I’m heavily active in the transgender community and we regularly have genetic males who identify as female who seek electrolysis.

At that age about 1/3 to 1/2 of your facial hair that you will have in your lifetime is present. and probably 1/2 -2/3 of your body hair.
What you’ll find though, is that even once removed it will grow back. Your body is still producing large amounts of testosterone and will be for 50-60 years. That is, unless you are transgendered which it doesnt sound like you are, in which case drugs are prescribed that prevent your body from producing testosterone. These drugs arent recommended for non-transgendered.

What that means in practical terms is if you get clearance of the facial or body hair a few times the hair will be for all practical purposes gone, but you would need to set yourself up for regular maintenance of electrolysis to keep it that way if that is what you wish.


My recent English patient (Winchester) just turned 20 year old. He’ll be returning on Tuesday and I will post our success thus far (with electrolysis). (Not transgendered, just a hair ball. Well, not any more.)

“Funnily” enough, when he contacted me, he said he was twenty-four; he was really nineteen. Indeed, without seeing him, I would have recommended waiting a few years until “all the hairs have grow in.” And, I would have been WRONG!

Looking at him, I observed that all possible hairs had, indeed, grown in. Even the smaller ones were “electrolysis worthy” and treatable. Once done with electrolysis, this will be a “done deal” forever. (The client said his hairs began to grow in at age thirteen.)

The point is that YES age is a factor … but not always. Some 40-year-olds are still growing new hairs, and this 20-year-old has a fully developed hair pattern everywhere on his face and body. Age alone is not always the only factor.

If you have hairs that are bothering you, they’re probably big enough to be zapped. “Stay tuned.”

Thank you Maiakochka i will look for it.

Thanks Seana so what you are saying is that too be completely hair free i will need too have maintenance after all the clearances sessions, but for how long will i have too keep going in for maintence till im permanently hair free ?

Thanks micheal so at the age of 21 would you say all my hairs might be visible or do i have some more growing too do because im afraid after i finish electrolysis i will see new hairs visible meaning possibly starting all over again.

We are all born with a set number of follicles. It’s like this: if I cut your finger off, will you grow a new one?

The hairs electrolysis destroys are gone forever. It will, however, take an expert electrologist to LOOK at you (in the flesh) to determine where you are in the growth cycle.