young lady approaching 21

please HELP ME im 20 yrs old and have a huge problem i have facial hair not just your average thin fine hair i have it thick the problem is i have to shave it twice a day i have the whole ten yards beard,mustache,goatee the works and on top of that ive got the razorbumps yeah imagine that and its very noticeable very ive seen 3 docors you have been unable to help me im from a very small town you see and not to mention the body hair on chest,back arms,legs,stomach im to the point where i really believe i was meant to be a man please any advice thanks thinking of getting a sex change at this point HELP

what you need to do first is schedule an appt with an endocrinologist doctor and get tested for hormonal imbalance. it sounds like you might have PCOS with that kind of hair growth pattern and amount. The doctor would be able to put you on medication to stabilize this and then you can look into hair removal options to remove the hair that’s currently there. Medication will prevent new hair from developing, which hair removal methods can’t do. So you need to take care of the medical issue first.

Once you are in the process, please read the FAQs and determine what areas are best for electrolysis and which for laser. For the most coarse hair and if you have light skin, laser would be a good option. And for finer hair, electrolysis is the way to go. good luck and keep us posted.

A good source to look at for a ton of info on PCOS is and there is also a forum which i have found very helpful which is I have learned a lot and found so much support there. Even, if you don’t have PCOS, it is nice to know that there are others who know what you’re going through.

I am 23 years old, female, and have a ton of peach fuzz on my face which is actually longer than most ppl. and is starting to turn darker. I shave my chin, neck and mustache every day. You are not alone. If you need someone to talk to feel free to Private Message me.

I wish you the best of luck