Yorktown Heights: "Just Between Us" Electrolysis

<strong>“Just Between Us” Electrolysis</strong><br>
<em>Phyllis Langberg & Rebecca Weinstein<br>
Certified Electrologists </em>
<p> 1940 Commerce St.<br>
Suite 307A<br>
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598<br>
<p><strong>Website:</strong> www.justbetweenuselectrolysis.com<br>
Monday through Friday 9am to 7:30pm • Saturday 9am to 4pm
<p> Description of Practice:<br>
We are a Mother-Daughter team of certified Electrologists, with over 13 years
experience. Both graduates of the Berkowits School of Electrolysis in Forest
Hills, NY
<p>Treating Women, Men, and Adolescents. We are also sensitive to the needs of
our transgender clients. No case is ever considered too difficult.</p>
<p>Our client’s comfort and safety are our BIGGEST concern. For that reason
we practice thermolysis (short wave method) using the newest computerized state
of the art electrolysis equipment. We use only Sterile, Disposable Probes and
Disposable Latex or Vinyl Gloves. We practice all the Sterilization Standards
as issued by the New York State Board of Health.as well as the standards set
forth by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta. </p>
<p>Our level of professionalism and attention to detail has made us one of the
highest recommended Electrologists in Westchester County. We service clients
from, but not limited to: Amawalk, Chappaqua, Cold Spring, Croton, Fishkill,
Garrison, Granite Springs, Katonah, Somers, Lincolndale, Mahopac, Mohegan Lake,
Millwood, Mount Kisco, Ossining, Peekskill, Ridgefield, South Salem, Yorktown
and Yorktown Heights.</p>
<p>Our Electrolysis Studio is private. Situated in a Medical Professional Building,
not in a Salon, it offers our clientele confidentiality and anonymity. We strive
to create a comfortable environment, which allow our clients total relaxation
during their treatment.</p>
<p>We are Members of:</p>
<p>American Electrology Association <br>
Electrolysis Referral Directory <br>
International Guild of Professional Electrologists <br>
NY Electrolysis Association <br>
<p>We book appointments for the following session lengths:</p>
<p>• 15 Minutes<br>
• 30 Minutes<br>
• 45 Minutes<br>
• 60 Minutes</p>

Great mother-daughter team. Very nice office. Relatively new Apilus.

Just about every body part treated.

Phyllis (the mom) works on everything including genitals except for inside the butt. $10 surcharge for genital area treatment. Hi-tech eye magnification. Laser-hater. :wink:

Rebecca (daughter) is a sweetheart and works on all body parts.

Can’t go wrong with either.

Just to introduce myself, I am Phyllis Langberg, the owner of “Just Between Us” and have been in practice for the last 24 years. Unfortunately my daughter Rebecca is no longer a member of the practice.

I am now in a larger suite, 109, in the same medical bldg.

I DO have a brand new Apilus machine and wear the Orascooptic glasses and loupes …and yeas, I can see every teeny tiny hair that you want permantey removed.

Will have some clients write about my work as I just joined this website .

Welcome to HairTell Phyllis… Where is Yorktown Heights? Upstate New York? I am glad that you can see that peach fuzz because many women want that kind of hair removed.

Thanks for the welcome. Yorktown Heights is in Westchester
county, about 40 north of New York City.

Clients travel to me from all over and often book long appointments. Saturdays tend to be very busy daysand I especiall reserve that day for patients who have far to travel.

My typing skills are awful…sorry for all the mistakes!!!

If you want to correct anything, just PM me with any corrections and I will fix it for you and remove your last post. The auto-correct on my iPad is useful, but sometimes it is hilarious what I end up with (replaced words).