Yet another question about treatment interval


Tomorrow will be my first treatment for a full bikini. The place is using Palomar Starlux 500. I am aware that it is not a laser and therefore is not ideal for hair removal. I bought a “groupbuy” package for 6 treatments which was a good deal for me. I am very light skin tone (I will burn if I will not continuously apply sunscreen and will barely tan). The hair in the area to be treated is dark and coarse. So, I figured I will at least get some results for a fraction of the cost and maybe finish the treatment with couple of session of real laser.

So my question is how long is between treatments. The clinic says 4 weeks, but after reading the message boards I knew better and scheduled my second treatment 6 weeks from tomorrow. Now however, I have doubts and think of rescheduling 8 weeks out. The reason I want to pre-schedule is because they sold a lot of those packages and I don’t want to wait until I know for sure that I have enough hair because then I will be competing for appointment with all other people who bought the package.

Please let me know if you think I should reschedule 8 weeks out.

Another question I have is that how do you know that you have enough hair to treat. Since I will be experiencing hair reduction with every treatment, I am not sure I know what constitutes enough.

One more question :slight_smile: - I know there is a lot of talk about settings. Can anyone recommend the setting for me? I bought prescription strength numbing cream and I am prepared to tolerate the pain, so I would like to know what would be a good setting and compare it to what they are going to use on me.

Going at 4 weeks is a waste of time and money there will be nothing there to treat. It has to be minimum 6 which is even very short, so should be 8 or more. I doubt you’ll have a problem booking, I’ve gone to clinics using group buys and I’ve never had any issue.

The amount of hair is irrelevant it’s how dark and coarse it is. After a successful treatment you will be smooth for a few weeks then the hair starts to grow back slowly similar to if you waxed. After a few weeks it will all be back and that’s when you should go again. You’ll know when it’s time, since you won’t be getting huge results from the first few sessions, if at all since this is IPL and not necessarily permanent.

Can’t recommend settings for IPL maybe someone else can, too many variables when it comes to IPL since they don’t work the same way a true laser does.

Please read the FAQs at the link below. edokid is correct. If you’re getting results, you will be hairfree at 4 weeks and probably at 6 weeks too. Even 8 weeks is sometimes too early. 8-12 weeks is usually a good interval for most for this area. But I wouldn’t pre-book anything. Wait and see how things go.

Put it this way, waiting too long isn’t going to hurt anything, but going too soon is a waste of time money and treatment.

OK, I got - minimum 8 weeks, but maybe longer.

I have a follow-up - for this area how long should the treatment last? I just want to make sure they do not “short-change” because I bought cheap package.

You can watch the treatment and make sure they cover the entire area and overlap well to avoid missing spots. Treatment is relatively fast. Full bikini probably lasts 10-15 minutes.

Thank you. It was about 10 minutes. I could not watch. My body was jerking the entire time even though I applied prescription-strength numbing cream.

Thank your so much for your help.

I guess I will see in 3 weeks or so.

I have a follow up question regarding shedding. Today, 10 days after I had treatment, I think I finally started shedding - there are several very small areas of no hair.

So, my question is at what point do I stop shedding - is it 3 weeks? The reason I am asking, I am just trying to understand whether or not the areas were missed, not treated properly, or I am too impatient.


Shedding doesn’t usually start until 10 days in. So you’re fine and yes wait until it’s been 3 weeks.

Don’t listen to them. They just want you to use up your treatments so that you will have to go back for more. $$$

I had to cancel my appointment for my legs next week. It’s been 4 weeks since my last appointment, and I don’t have any hair growing in, other than the spots the technician missed.

When I called, the receptionist seemed a bit annoyed and said that the recommended time was 4-6 weeks, but they allowed me to push my appointment back. What else are they supposed to do? =)

Don’t even tell them the real reason why you are changing it. Say you will be out of the country.

I wouldn’t preschedule appts. Just tell them you’ll call when you know your schedule. They can’t force you to adjust your schedule to fit their needs. You’re the customer.