Yellow/light scabbing

I have been getting yellow/slash light coloured scabbing after my electrolysis as aposed to the brow coloured scabbing. If anyone can share some light on if this is normal and also if the scabbing heals quicker then the more dense brown coloured scabbing? Any help would be great.

The scabbing that can occur from electrolysis is from lymph fluid, the fluid in our tissues that is a by-product of the blood.

Some electrologists will describe the scabs as “honey colored”…

See Formation of Lymph at:

Be sure and tell your electrologist that this occurred - as they might want to make some adjustments to the epilator settings (or change technique in some way). The important thing is that this does not happen to every follicle at every treatment - just because it doesn’t have to!!

Keep your hands off the treated area, and use witch hazel to clean the skin. Don’t pick and don’t put a bunch of other stuff on it.

Best to you!

Which method are you having. This would be unusual from thermolysis, but not uncommon from blend or galvanic.

Actually, if one treated enough hairs, close enough togther, in a short time, thermolysis could do this as well. It is a normal thing to see in a first clearance on a man’s beard, if he wants a full stripping as soon as possible, instead of a gradual thinning of the hairs. Later on, there are not enough hairs close together, and the treatment energy needed to work the remaining hairs has reduced as well, and crusting is not likely.

Yes, the longest facial sessions, I have done with the apilus so far has been for only 2.5 hours on a face, so I shall keep this in mind, for when someome wants a complete clearance in one day. What is the longest time you have done for a clearance ?

I think the longest time to full first clearance done straight out by me was about 35 hours done over the course of 3 to 4 days. He looked like a strawberry faced cartoon character for 3 to 5 days, but was oh, so happy to be bare faced. We did a second clearance in about 3 weeks after that, and settled in for maintenance on a schedule so that he just looked finished after that. Needless to say, he had ALOT of hair to begin with.

I got a few of these kinds of scabs when I was first getting a complete clearance of the upper lip with blend.

(re James Walker)
That is amazing James. Are there any photos anywhere on this site ?

Christine, you can see some before and after photos on James’ website if you haven’t seen those already. I dunno if any of them are the specific person he mentioned, but they are still neat to look at and are all pretty typical of clearing heavily bearded males. His site is if you didn’t already know (sorry to repeat info if you already knew about it).

Thank you MPKitty, they are really fantastic, but what I reaaly would like to have seen, in this case ,was how the clients skin looked immediately after the marathon 4 days of treatment. Knowing James it would have been minimal.

Somewhere buried on this site are pictures of before and immediately after treatment for a number of clients. From faces to bikini work. Unfortunately, I don’t have easy access to those, as the old picture gallery on this site got flushed in a web site refresh, and t he new photo section doesn’t work the same, and the old pictures were never migrated. Elsewhere on the site, are pictures in post threads, and since I have so many posts on the site, it is hard to find any one post that I made, unless I know some key phrase that I only used in that post (for fun, run a search on the site for the word “Superman” as that will pull up a good post and a good laugh.)

I will see what I can find for the look of a person immediately after first clearance. It may be shocking to some, but the view a few days later has usually been seen as well worth it by most clients.

I know this picture is in a post thread elsewhere on the site, and it is NOT a first clearance, but it is the completion of about 20 hours of work on a full face and neck, plus eyebrows, taken at the end of the last session prior to the client going to sleep for the night. This was taken only minutes after the last hair was removed that day.


Most of the people requiring full clearance for male type beards are MTF transsexuals (sometimes refered to as transwomen amongst their peers) who are in the process of transition. Even if they may start seeing an electrologist in male mode they identify as female and removing the hair is part of the transition process and is a vitally important part of that process. Some start seeing the electrologist in male mode till they go full time and from then on they are always in female mode. The male mode was probably something they had to do to survive, but probably something they detested doing.

I know that it is a bit difficult to get the semantics right on this, but they are women and would like to be identified by the appropriate pronouns for females such as she or her.

I’m not sure that everyones skin can handle marathon sessions of full clearances however. I for one had sensitive skin. I think anyone considering transitioning should get the electrolysis started well before they go full time and be patient. They should try to schedule as lengthy sessions as the can handle at first and maintain regular appointments until the process is complete. If their skin doesn’t heal that well within a week then space them every couple of weeks.

Most of all be patient and be determined and persistant with your appointments. In the end it will all be worth it and you won’t have to worry about looking at or touching that repusive and disgusting facial hair ever again. You probably won’t even need any foundation anymore.