Yag pain levels between spot sizes

On my last treatment, I got to 18mm and 30J, so next treatment we’re looking to jump to 32 or 34J at 15mm.

My question is, is it possible for the pain level to actually decrease at higher joules but lower spot sizes since the laser isn’t penetrating as deep? I really hope so, because I don’t think I can take any higher pain level. As it is, I need to have the tech stop every 30 seconds or so because it’s so painful.


I don’t think the pain level will decrease because of that. You might feel less pain because the hair gets less and less each time, but I wouldn’t expect to feel a pain decrease especially if you’re upping the joules. You’ll hate me for saying this, but you should just suck it up and embrace the pain. Squeeze a belt, squeeze the chair you’re on… anything. Unlike a lot of people, you’re being treated at good settings, so be glad and just go for broke.

When you decrease spot size and increase energy, you will actually feel it more than large spot size on highest setting. After about 5th session, when hair density reduces, you will be able to tolerate the pain from high energy settings as it will hurt less. But you can always rely on EMLA cream if pain is big obstacle during treatments.

I remember reading in one clinical study that larger spot sizes do tend to be more painful. So yes, there is a possibility that when you go down to 15mm even with some increase in joules, you’ll experience less pain.

Please keep us updated with your results! I’d love to know how the 18mm spot on YAG has worked out for you :slight_smile: