Yag Laser vs Alexandrite for Men's back and shoulders- please help

Can someone help me understand why an alexandrite would work better for a man’s back and shoulders than a yag. Since the depth is 1064 vs. 755 and it would also be less damaging to my surrounding skin and have less risk for pigmentation problems. I have been told something about the melanin, but wasn’t quite sure. I know the yag hurts like hell, but assuming it works better, why wouldn’t you use it. I have had several laser clinics tell me that it works better on a man’s beard, because of depth, but not back, shoulders, and arms. If I am going to have new growth and re-growth anyway, why shouldn’t I use the safer option. They tell me it works better on darker individuals, but why doesn’t it work well on lighter one’s? Is it just the pain? I am about a Fitzpatrick III. At this point if I even do laser hair removal ever again, I am looking for the safest maintenance program. I am going to call Candela today and see what they say also, gentlelase vs. gentleyag.

Yag lasers are not necessarily more painful. Some are actually less painful and cause less irritation after treatments. It just varies from laser to laser. The reason to use diode or alexandrite is because those are more powerful on finer hair. Yags target coarse hair just as well, but lack on finer hair. So, it depends on what type of hair you’re removing. There are various Yags out there. You can look into Coolglide, Sciton (with scanning technology), Lyra-i, GentleYAG, etc. With a type III skin, I wouldn’t use GentleLASE. I would go either with a diode or Yag(if hair is very coarse and dark).

Thanks!!! It just seems like I would get less skin reaction with the yag. I wasn’t sure if you remembered that I used a diode laser the first time for 8 treatments. I definitely had some discoloration and irritation after each treatment, and since I didn’t get lasting results anyway, that is why I asked. It is also much safer on tanned skin. I have talked to several laser techs who have told me it does hurt like hell compared to an alexandrite because of the depth. I will probably try some test spots with each. My discoration went away, but often took awhile. Again, thanks for your help.

ah, yes. if you experienced discoloration with the diode, you will definitely see same with alexandrite if not worse. alexandrite penetrates 755nm, diode 810nm, and Yag 1064nm. so, in your case, Yag is definitely the best choice, granted that the hair is very dark and coarse.

In order to answer your question what skin type are you, the 755 Alex is used for Skin types I-III it has nothing to do with were you would like to be treated. They Yag is said to beable to be used on all skin types which is true but it will take you 30-40% more treatments with a yag then compared to the Alexandrite. The alexandrite has a much higher abortion of melanin which is why its the best laser for light skin people, which the Yag is best for darker skin.