Yag laser vs Alexanderite laser for small hairs


I have brown/light indian skin. I have already had alxander laser on my face which got rid of the black hair but didnt kill the finer hairs wich are brown (vellus or hormonal hair). I was thinking about going over the same area with a yag or candela laser to kill the finer hairs.

Can anyone tell me if they think it will kill the hairs as they are fine hairs but they are not blonde they are brown and if the yag/candela laser will be more effective on my skin colour in killing hair.

Your comments would be much appreciated…

I have learnt the hard way (lotsa time, lotsa money!) that laser is not the answer for any fine hairs - no matter what the colour (mine are also brown). You’re lucky that the laser did get rid of the black hair as if that was fine too there was a bit of a risk there!

The rule is to only go for laser on hair that is both black AND coarse. The type of laser isn’t going to change this.

But of course electrolysis will help you sort out the fine hairs.

Sunds like you have depleted the laser reduction route and it is time for electrolysis.

No laser will get rid of fine hairs, even if they are black, let alone brown.

Also the YAG laser really only works on the coarsest hair. So I would say that skin types I-III can potentially get better results with laser than type IV upwards as they can use an Alex.

Time for electrolysis.

I think we’ve discussed this before. I know you want an easy laser solution for this, but it doesn’t exist. You’ll waste a lot of time and money and will still have to do electrolysis afterwards. Laser doesn’t work on that type of hair. It doesn’t matter what color it is. It doesn’t have enough pigment.

Thank you everyone for your response much appreciated. I am considering having electrolysis to finish it off now. I just had 2 question regarding this:

1)What type of electrolysis would best suit to get rid of vellus hairs on the face?

  1. Is my face likely to scab after the electrolysis treatment of vellus hairs?

My face has scabbed before from a little bit thicker hairs?

You should start a thread on the electrolysis forum. All methods work well. Thermolysis is fastest. Skill is most important in order to get results. You should sample 3-5 electrologists.

Scabbing is a potential temporary side effect. It doesn’t have to happen. It depends on the settings used and sensitivity of your skin. Regardless, scabs fall off within days. Proper aftercare (witch hazel during the day and tea tree oil at night) is important to minimize side effects.