Xilia Epil Light Blend


I was wondering if someone knows this machine (Xilia Epil Light Blend - it comes from Cosmomed). It can do blend (combined impuls- and progressiv- blend, less painful) and flash…Has a precision light on the needle holder and 5 epilation possibilities (Im not sure what they are meaning exactly).

Has someone any experience with this machine? It would cost about 2300euro, so I think it is a good price, if the machine itself is good.

Haven’t heard of the brand but it looks like it has good features, microprocessor controlled, 1/1000 sec timings (microflash) and superflash combined flash mode which sounds similar to what they call multiplex on the apilus machines

Wait, you mean the Xilia Epil Light 5, right?

It would be very interesting to know which company is behind it. Hofbeauty offers lighter versions of this machine under the name of SkinMate Elite:

a pure thermolysis machine at around 415 pounds and
a blend/flash machine (ie. the Light Blend) at around 699 pounds. (Not sure if with or with out the VAT.)

Frankly they sound very much like the Apilus Cleo Flash 128 and Cleo Blend 256. However their probeholders use (according to Cosmomed) K-Shaft needles?

If they are as good as they sound it would be a great price indeed.