Xelance this stuff works

I found this stuff in a salon in South Beach and I tried it on my arms and legs (thick dark hair, sensitive skin that gets red and bumpy after shaving). It worked really well.

durgstore.com used to have it but they ran out :confused:

Last night I found it online at www.xelance.com

Hope it works as well for you as it did for me :relaxed: !!!

Is this product a depilatory? Is that the one that advertises the smell not being bad like Nair and others?

It says right in the ad itself ,it is a deplitory.

I hadn’t seen the ad. That’s why I was asking.

this sounds like a scam!

No scam here. I found a coupon code: XELHO gets 30% off.


Hmm, somebody who “found” a coupon code… Do you, perhaps, work for this company? Sounds sneaky…

Xelance is a depilatory like Nair or Neet. It uses chemical to dissolve hair, and some people find it to be irritating and difficult or impossible to use on sensitive areas.

And yes, the original post seems a bit hard-sell.