www.pardomuanshop.com REAL or SCAM???? Please HELP

Has anyone delt with this site ww w.pardomuanshop.com/ ? ?

The site seems legit but not sure. Have anyone made a purchase from this site? I just wanted to know is anyone has ever delt or ordered from here. Is this a scam?? PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! I would like proof too!!
All opinions welcome.

Since this site is always trying to sneak links on this site, I would not trust them for that reason alone.

This site seems to have the best prices on the market and also has units that are currently not sold here in the USA. Before I order I STILL want to know if anyone has used them and can recommend this supplier.
I really want to but the E-one ipl home device based on output and reviews it’s by far the best home device on the market.

Why would one want “the best home device” when one could buy a used professional device?

Well that would be an excellent option. Any ideas and cost??? My main issue is I have thick dark hair… alot of it!!! And a beard that jus wont quit…What do you think are my options.

Honestly, there are always people selling REAL LASER equipment in an effort to make enough to pay off the equity loans they took on their homes to buy them, or to help them upgrade to a better model.

Ebay and craigslist frequently have them listed, and there are also outfits that specialize in used medical and spa equipment, as well.

Right now on Ebay:
Item #250810407800 is a Coherent LightSheer with a $500 starting bid and no reserve.
Item #170630614565 is a radiancy Spa Touch IPL with no bids, and a starting bid of $6K
Item #350450906987 is a Lumenis LASER system for $8500
Item #120714525163 Cynorsure Apogee LASER for $7500
Item #120699650276 Candela GentleLase Plus for $20K

This is a scam company do not buy from them. They took me for over 800.00 for the tria hair removal units. They will ask you to pay thrue western union and then will advice you that they shipped thrue pacific global express. Once you pay they will then email and say they sent 3 extra units by mistake and that you need to pay for 2 and the 3rd is free for your troubles. After paying for the other 2 units, no more contact. I am going to report their website to the appropriate authorities. Law enforcements will also be notified. Please do not give these peoplee your money.

You actually tried to place an order with them? What exactly happened I wrote them a couple of email and they seemed for real. But something told me just to hold off. Did you ever receive you Tria?

Btw it sucks that people are still scamming people these days… Make sure you post everywhere to inform people of theses fakes!! Contact who you need to contact and SHUT THEM DOWN!!
Ps I was suspicious and had them removed from alibaba.com
I’ll start another post soon about this too!!!

Pardomuanshop is a fraud.

Lots of people tried to purchase products from them including E-One, Silk’n, Lumea, Viss, Wellness box…

Beware of that website www.pardomuanshop.com it is a scam website from Indonesia.

I have tried to call them, they hang off the phone after my first question.

I have alerted local authorities about it but I am not sure if this will help or not.


I have been trying to find out about a company called PardomuanShop out of Jakarta. There were several things that concerned me, not the least of which it was the from the largest Muslim nation on the planet selling products made in Israel. Not that this is wrong just surprising. Further I place three orders with them to be paid by wire transfer, on consecutive days, and got back three consecutive order numbers 53, 54, & 55. Low numbers for a company in operation since 2005. So I started checking them out before I sent the money to them. People on hair removal and beauty sites keep asking if anyone has bought from them with no reply. Mario Tandeen (who posts here) is the marketer for Pardomuan Shop Co.,Ltd. This is not a sales organization. They offer high priced beauty products from suppliers who have never heard of them at unbelievably good prices and impossibly low shipping rates. It is a very professional scam. They (Andi Makmur Hutajulu, and Mario Tandean) post on numerous sites funneling individuals to their company webpage. Worse, Andi posts to Islamic Terrorist blogs. There is reason to believe it is not only a fraud but a money scheme to fund terrorist.