Has anyone use any of the machines from this website? One sold on ebay recently for approx $2300 (DMD8100). When buying from their website, you get a 90 day return policy. I was considering a purchase of one of these machines instead of using a service. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

tons of these machines available. recommended thing to do everyone on here is to save your money. only electrolysis and professional treatments work.

Close your wallet right now! You’ll have many sleepless nights ahead of you if you fall for this gadget that won’t work and then try to get your money back.

Whew, these scammers get creatively more entertaining by the minute. For permanent hair removal, you’ll need a needle-type system that delivers enough current to the bottom of the hair follicle to destroy tissue that makes hair or in many cases, a quality laser that costs more than $60,000, operated by a properly trained technician, who can deliver the right treatment energy to the hair follicle.