would you advise two electrologists working on you.

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I am determined to have electrolysis. After time of searching I have found a very good electrologist with speed and accuracy but is only able to give me 40 mins per week and stated that she does not work on the same area each week as she likes the skin to heal completly. Would you say it is better to go with someone who has the above rather than somone who is able to give you more time every week but is a little bit slower. I have been advised by my current electrologist to come in one week to work on the sides of my face and then she will work on my lip and chin the next-rotating each week. Would you advise this? She is able to get quite a bit of clearance is each session. She also told me as part of my after care to boil some water to let it cool down to add salt and then apply to the skin. Has anyone else heard of this??? What I want to know is that when I have short wave diathermy on my lip it leaves me very red with tiny little scabs and the middle of the lip which is very sensative. Would I be better off having blend in the middle as the hair is unlikely to come back first time round and less insertions would have to be made over and over again than with short wave. My current electrologist does not do blend so I will have to find someone else to do my lip. Would you advise having two electrolgists working on someone. I want my current electrologist to do short wave on my face and the other electrologist to do blend on my lip and to work every week there as there is so much hair there. Should I tell my electrologist what I want to do? Would a good electrologist agree with my plan of action? Please help!!! Any advise would be much appreciated. :roll_eyes:

I had two electrologists work on me at the same time. it’s definitely a good way to compare who is better, and it’s also twice as fast (and twice as expensive).

Please stop asking the same question more than once, since it creates multiple threads and duplicated efforts.

Keep us posted on what you decide!

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I have still one more electrologist to try in the area and then will decide who to go to. Yes you are right it is twice as expensive but worth it. Thanks for the advise Andrea. :stuck_out_tongue: