Would taking a half year break from laser hair removal affect the end results?

I am going for laser hair removal treatments and I was told that it’s important to only start them if you are able to finish them. I was also told that it’s important to stay on the schedule of every 2 months.

I’m getting my entire body done so the appointments are very expensive. I also have a car loan, but I want to pay it off as soon as I can since I no longer have the car. I’m considering pausing my laser treatments for six months and putting all that money into paying off my car. I’m wondering if this would realistically have any affect on the end result for the treatments.

My specialist seemed to think it was very important to stay on the same 2 month schedule, but when I caught Covid I had to reschedule one of my appointments to be 3 months after the one before. The specialist didn’t seem to be worried about the extra month at the time, which makes me wonder if there is any harm in putting off the treatments for now.

Would taking a 6 month break from treatments affect the end result? Would it make it so I end up needing more treatments to get the same results? Or, is there no harm in taking a 6 month break?

Thanks in advance!

If the laser treatment killed X number of hairs, they will stay dead. There is no Lazarus effect from stopping your treatments (i.e., they don’t come back from the dead). Besides, I think it’s a good idea to give your skin a well-deserved rest. Once you get back on schedule; well, you will be back on schedule. I’d say … go for it.

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Awesome thanks for the response! I suppose that makes sense, I just wasn’t sure if messing up the schedule would make it so the hair cycle of those hairs that are left would be more spread out or something along those lines.

I’ll take a break and try to get my car paid off as quick as I can!

Timing btw each session is super important for your ultimate long term results from laser hair removal/reduction. Your 1st & 2nd session should b btw 6 to 8 weeks apart. Then subsequent 3rd - 6th session should b btw 6 weeks to 6 months apart. Laser/IPL works effectively only hair in anagen. Ensure that u don’t come to early while more density of hair is still required, or don’t resume next LHR session too late when hair grow out too long. Book next session as soon as majority of hair start to emerge out from skin, assuming that majority of them r in anagen. For more info, https://beauty-electrolysis-laser.blogspot.com/2021/11/when-is-my-next-laser-hair-removal.html?m=1

to ensure, ultimate uttermost reduction result from light therapy for hair removal, it is recommended to WAX around 6-8 weeks prior to light therapy, expecting ALL hair that emerging out of your skin post waxing are in ANAGEN.

If you have a car loan and you do not return it still you can get different types of loan for your treatment. There are many companies that are providing loan to those people who are unable to get treatment just because of money. So just contact with them they will help you.

You are totally right! Same as Electrolysis. If you have to take a break, any true reduction stays reduced. Get back to it when you can.

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That “heart” is from me Joyce.
Also, you have to think about your priorities: a CAR (repossessed)? Or a delay in hair removal? Pretty clear to me because you can shave and not see the hairs … but, it’s pretty difficult to drive around or pick up your groceries on your skateboard. Take the break, chill out … it will all be resolved when the time is right.

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