would my elecrologist mind?

Would my electrologist mind If I was working on my upper arms and front shoulders at home and he was treating my back and back of my shoulder ?
I see great results on my upper arms and shoulders and I am capable of permanently kill those hair with no skin demage on my own ,my back and rear part of my shoulder are another story

That was It would speed up the results I want to achieve
what do you thing?

Personally speaking, I would be so very proud of you for such effort. If you could do this yourself and if you were having such great results, I’d be glad to be a contributing partner to help with areas you couldn’t reach in order to help you save time and money.

If you were making a mess of your skin, I’m sure your electrologist would tell you so AND you really should be open to such feedback. You are always in the drivers seat. You are basically hiring an electrologist to remove hair where you want it removed. This is not an inexpensive venture, so I can see why you have such a creative plan.

So, count me in as one electrologist that would support this idea. If we were talking about your facial areas, then I wouldn’t be supportive at all.


As a practicing electrologist, I have no heartburn with a client of mine doing work on areas where they can get good results without doing their skin any injury in the process. I am also doing a lot of work on myself as well, but one thing I would caution you on. Leave any facial work to a professional. This is one area that I will not DIY on, even as a professional. Any electrologist who does this has at least one fool for a client.

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Sooo do you own an electrolysis machine? I don’t understand? How do you use one? Where did you learn how to operate one? I would love to be able to do treatments on myself, that could save some $$$

I don’t know if this is what “hairy” is referring to but in answer to your question yes, you can buy your own electrolysis machine from places like amazon.com or folica.com and Sally Beauty supply stores usually carry them. The two types I’ve seen most often are One Touch and Clean and Easy. I have one of each. They usually sell from $30-$50 and are pretty easy to learn how to use. Personally I would never use one on my face for fear of scarring and because they are run by a small battery that they tend to “looses juice” after about 3 hairs. So you can do 3 hairs, turn the machine off, wait an hour, then do 3 more… our you can just go to a professional. But if you’re still interested in looking into one of these machines here is a link. www.folica.com/One_Touch_Delux_d202.html

I’ve heard that you can also buy used professional machines (for example if a place was going out of business and was selling its equipment) but I don’t know how to go about doing that.

The best way to get used pro equipment is to go to our DIY section and go to the end of the string called, “Legitimate Machines on Ebay” If you don’t find one of the names mentioned in that string, or an actual listing that is active at the time in the string, you can at least know what to look for in other avenues.

Of course, you should not be trying to do this yourself, you should get pro work, and if you don’t do that, you should get a friend and learn together and trade work.


With both of my longer term electrologists, I have been the only one they have ever treated that self-treated as well. The first thought not much of it, would look over my work and offer her advice and tips. Her work would mesh with mine seamlessly because when I started out with blend, my work appeared very similar to hers.

The second electrologist had a waiver waiting for me to sign when I walked in the door written especially for me. Now mind you, this second electrologist is in a class all by herself. She’s flat out the very best in San Diego. She’s very, very mindful of her work and it’s healing effectively. I can understand her view point and I respect it. She would rather not have me work in areas she’s working in so healing evaluation won’t be mistaken, so I work around her work. Thing is, she’s very fast, and I’m getting very fast, so I have everything mapped out weeks in advance and I can’t fall behind or I have to concede the territory. She’s typically booked two months in advance so I don’t dare miss an appointment. She too gives me advice, pointers, and critiques my work. But, she’s way more reserved and knowledgeable than my first electrologist so I have to do my homework before asking any questions.

Switching to a more advanced electrologist has been a godsend, I struggle to rise to her level, and as a result, my own work has greatly improved.