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Hi guys

Wow, you all seem so knowledgable and have helped me so much! I hope you can help me with this one.

I started electroysis recently and am doing several areas at once as I just want to nothave so much upkeep (lazy, lazy aren’t I <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" />). I’m just paying for an hour at a time once a week and getting done whatever I have time for. So far I really pleased with how quickly it is going. In 2 sessions I had both eyebrows and bikini line completely cleared with time to spare! So next session I will just need her to get the ones growing in.

I was considering moving on to the underarms next because of this still relatively smaller area but really I would love to just have my legs done, I was holding off on them thinking that laser might be a quicker possibly better for the first few sessions and moving on to electroysis for “cleanup”. After reading for the last 2 months and seeing how quickly other areas are moving for me I am considering skipping the laser. What do you think will be the most beneficial based on your experience?

Thanks for the help!

if you have a good electrologist, and you are happy with their work and pricing, then I would suggest sticking to the electro plan, rather than distracting your treatment (and possibly setting back the electro timing) with LASER…

Patience will be rewarded with permanence… All I think the LASER would do is to empty your wallet faster and hold you back from the smooth and hair-free appearance you obviously desire…

Book more hours with your electrologist… and get the underarms done next…

Good luck,


Thanks for your help David!


As an electrologist, I can say that I have personally seen clients who have had laser on their underarms initially and then they came in for electrolysis for a brief cleanup of a few hairs that laser just couldn’t destroy. Four to six laser treatments were necessary before they resorted to electrolysis. They were pleased with the results of both modalities. On some areas and people, laser is very helpful. However, some people and some areas of the body do not respond well to laser and they are out a lot of money in the end. Laser results can be iffy, but if you understand this up front, then it is easier to deal with later if things don’t end up the way you expected.

David is telling you right about electrolysis treatment. Patience rewards you with true permanence. Just find a good electrologist to care for you.


I would just like to say that legs go faster than you would think. Since the area has none of the challenges of the face, or back, it can be cleared faster. You may be surprised to find that your legs are cleared quicker than other projects that seem to be much smaller projects.

Thanks for responding Dee…I know that I should try to be more patient, I guess I’m just so excited now that I have made the decision to finally do something that I have wanted to do 4-ever that I am probably trying to rush things, a common thing for me. Thank you so much for the advice and I know that you’re right. Maybe I’ll just up my appointments with my electrologist. (Thanks to Hairtell by the way for the recommendation )

James…Thank you for responding and for the info on legs. It seems like they would take forever (even as short as I am)LOL, but I’m happy to see it may not be as involved as I had anticipated. I have really enjoyed all of your posts and have gotten most of my information, and made my decison to go with electrolysis in the first place, based on information I have gotten from your posts. I wish that I had the ability to see you as you seem to have so many satisfied customers based on what I read here. )

It has been a pleasure being educated by so many knowledgable people.