would like to try waxing at home

hi every one

i was going to give this a shot at home , but i have read that this does require some practice if you have never done this before . what does anyone recomend buying for at home waxing ? what type of kit/setup


i recommend u try one of the roll-on no-heat wax kits. sally hansen makes one, called “no-heat roll on gel”. veet also makes a sugar-based one (so it’s more like sugaring, instead of waxing). i’ve recently tried both, i recommend veet.

if u have really stubborn hair (like in underarm or pubic regions), try veet’s cold wax strips. no need to buy the package that comes with the comforting spray; the spray is useless. be careful with these strips though. they’re much stronger than the kits mentioned above and may cause severe irritation and/or tear off skin. brush some baby powder over area to be waxed before using these strips to prepare skin.

I always liked the nair home kits that require no warming- be warned they never have enough strips so make sure you have some extras around