Would Electrolysis be effective

Hi I’m 21 years old and I was diagnosed with Pcos at the age of 16. I didn’t have any hair problems back when I was 16 but at the age of 18 I started noticing hair and I had laser hair removal that back fired bad for me because then my entire face had more hair I did it at Nutura Med spa. So anyways I think I have hirsutism all over my body. It’s depressing me to bits I’m not the same anymore as cheerful and beautiful as I use to be. I have hair in between my chest hair I never had before and all over my cheeks and under my chin. I was on metformin but that didn’t agree with me dry mouth and it was damaging my teeth and my heart was racing off and had to go to the bathroom like crazy. The hair on my face has gotten worse it looks like a man’s beard and its noticeable I’m talking long hair! Would electrolysis help me at all I’m so desperate. When I pluck the hair out it comes out fairly easy and their is like a black dot at the end of the hair sometimes, so some of my hair follicles on my face are weak. But shaving isn’t cutting it my face is becoming more and more damaging from shaving and I know plucking stimulates hair growth but I don’t know what to do.

Yes, electrolysis will resolve your hair problems but you need to stop plucking/tweezing–sooner the better. Plucking distorts your follicles and will impede good electrolysis results which will make the mission much longer than it would be.

Electrologists will be able to kill the current hairs on your body, but they can’t stop your inactive follicles from producing more hair in the future. You will need a combination of electrolysis and medical control over your hormonal imbalances due to PCOS to get rid of unwanted hair.
You will need a lot of patience with this process as it’s a long journey to success.

Yea your right I notice when I’m more stressed out I see more hair growth I was on summer break for two months in New York and more happier less stress and I notice less hair growth it’s really weird. And these symptoms started happening when my dad died and I was 16 a lot of stress and depression in the past.