would a current too low not kill the hair

Hi guys,

I am seeking some professinal advice.
I had 4 electrolysis sessions within 2 weeks on my upper lip and had a 2 week break. I will carry on with a once a week treatment to get it all cleared step by step.
The 1st 3 sessions went well but after the 4th session, which targeted mainly the fuzzy little hair, i had redness patches, red spots and my skin felt extremely dry, as if it had been burned but had no scabs.
It has been 10 days now and it started healing so it is taking quite a bit of time(despite using aloe vera).

Is the current used too strong for my hair hence damaging the skin? At the same time, if my practitioner lower the setting, I am concerned it may not kill the hair follicule correctly. What do you think?

Mnay thanks in advance for your advice

Any application of treatment energy would damage the follicle structures, and thus tend to reduce the thickness of the hair, if it did not end all hair growing activity in the follicle. On the other hand, using too much current causes unneeded damage to the skin and other structures adjacent to the follicle. Too much current is surely the more dangerous of the two.

Thanks for that, I’ll tell her about my reaction and ask her to fix her settings.

Recently I discovered some parameters that are not included in the preset of my Apilus Platinum. I think they are suitable for the type of hair that can stay on the upper lip, Caro. Picoflash: 9 pulses for a .001 second at 99%. The wonder of these parameters is not dried follicular tissue, only coagulates. This wonderful machine will not cease to amaze me. Oh, I forgot to say that the customer does not feel almost anything. Given such a painful area it is a real discovery. I reiterate my congratulations to the engineers DECTRO. :slight_smile:

To be honest I do not know which equipment she uses. As my hair are really fine I wonder if her settings were too agressive, hence the extreme dryness & redness which took longer to heal? My skin has not peeled off but even after 10 days I still feel like my skin is very tight. On the plus point, the area she treated is still abolutely clear of new hair.

That feeling that you have is transitory. And typical of highly sensitive areas. The density in the area is very high. So the area is red. If you look carefully in areas where there is less density body hair, the redness is in the form of isolated points. The healing process is still active. Have a little patience, both the strange feeling you have, like redness disappear.

You got a point here, I had 4 treatments in 2 weeks which I guess may have been a bit too much for such a small sensitive area with lots of fine hair next to each other.
As the skin only reacted after the last session, it could simply be the reason, and it does not look like it is long term damage as it has started to heal now.
I will try the next session normally as see if the skin reacts less as I had a 2 week break now.
What would be the signs of a too high current on the skin just so I know if it is the case next time?
Many thanks in advance, you’re a great help!

The electrologist starts with angles near to the corner of the mouth. In that area, the hairs are a little thicker and so quickly to the surface emerge when previously are shaved with transient systems. The same occurs in the central area of the lower lip.

During the time thick hairs are being treated, others are emerging finest. Usually this new group is larger and the space between them is minimal, often the only spaces are the result of the elimination of previously treated. Maybe that’s why you have not seen a reaction so far. Higher density is being treated, the greater skin reaction. This does not mean it is bad. At first it is inevitable if you want to keep the area clean of hairs.

The signs of overtreatment are small clear blisters (not too serious), it heals properly. Small white dots(The whiter worst)(serious) indicating a dermal damage. Heals leaving small depressions. Depending on the degree of damage are irreversible.

Makes sense actually! I had no blisters or small depressions so you are right it is due to the density of hair.
Thanks a million!

Thank you. You’re fantastic.

Just a little update on my skin reaction:
My follwoing session created as much damage on my skin as the last one: redness, red spots, feeling of the skin being burned and very dry.
I wouldn’t have worried but the reaction lasted for over 2 weeks again (despite applying aloe vera everyday).
I saw my electrologist who confirmed that I had a reaction and that she will reduce the current from 27 to 24 (I believe she is using blend). The hair that are being treated are on the upper lip and quite fine but lots of it.

My next session is next week. One thing I have learned from this forum is to feel free to try another practitioner for better information.
The other practioner I found confirmed the overtreatment and tried to remove a couple of hair to see the reaction. Her setting were on 20 only.
I felft she had a bit more of a struggle to pick the hair afterwards but it seems to have worked ok on only 20.

What would be your professional advise on the power settings:
Is 20 a bit low or is 24 a bit better (I still want the follicule to be killed!).
What settings would you normally use for lots of fine upper lip hair?

Many thanks in advance for your always appreciated advice

If I were the one doing the treatment, I’d up it to 22 and see if the hairs come out a bit easier and if see how much more reaction there was vs a setting of 20. If the difference in the reaction between 20 and 22 is negligible and the hairs came out noticeably easier, I would stick with 22 and see how it works for a while in a given area.

She needs to choose the level of high frequency current and direct current and balance them so the hair follicle is not treated beyond what it necessary. We cannot come close to telling you what levels she should be using because epilators vary, skin type varies, hair structure varies and client sensitivity varies. Keep working with her or else find someone that can use a different modality or change things for the better so you heal within 3-7 days. Most of my clients are back to normal without a sign that anything happened within minutes to hours. I use PicoFlash thermolysis and yes, this modality “kills” all kinds of hair structures, effortlessly and beautifully! Not more that I can say, but I hope this can be resolved for you. For your fine hair, I would be choosing MicroFlash or PicoFlash thermolysis. Blend is not necessary, but it will still work. If a practitioner can do blend and the different thermolysis modalities on some of the most modern epilators we have today, they serve their client base very well.


Cheers, I will see how I get on with the next session at a current of 24.
If still too much of a reaction (over a week) then I’ll try at 22 or look for someone using Picoflash or MicroFlash.
Thanks for the advice

Thanks again for all your advices, I went back to my original practitioner who lowered the current to 24 and so far so good.
I now had 3 sessions on a lower current and I heal perfectly within a week.
the higher current damaged my skin a bit and I still have a bit of hyperpigmentation/redness where it was originally treated. Though on the plus side, hair haven’t grown back. Got to look at the full side of the glass :wink:
Hopefully the new current isn’t too low and hair will not be growing back but so far I’m happy with the results!