Worst case of them all

I have hair on every cm of my face all the way to my eye. Its also covering every cm of my nose not inside on top all the way from the top down and on the sides even the bridge. Im shaving higher and higher and it looks horrible. I cant hide it anymore and need serious help. I fear I may have to live in seclusion and turn into one of those mexican wolf men ive seen on tv.

Im going to start searching for a electolysist. My skin is brown. I hope this can be performed on all areas of the face even right upto the eye and on the nose. Is there hope for me?

Is there some kinda of cream or anything I can do about my nose other then electrolysis?

It’s good you are starting a search for an electrologist, tony. Get at least three consultations and sample treatments if you have the luxery of having that many electrologists in your locale.

Electrolysis works on every skin color, hair color, size, depth of hair. I think it is good choice for your face. From your description of your hair problem, I’m envisioning someone that is totally covered with “fur”. If you indeed have that much OFFENDING hair, you would be better off choosing an electrologist that uses thermolysis for first clearance at least. If you truly have a horrible problem, it is wise to find out why.

Run this by your doctor to see if there is something internally happening to cause all this hair growth on your face. You can do this at the same time you are on a search for an electrologist.

Just get going to start a program and stick with your plan,just as you would if you were to go on diet or just as you would if you were building a house. You need a plan.

As for a cream to put on your nose, Vaniqa is a topical medication that interfers with hair growth. Personally, I think your money would be better spent on a permanent solution so you’re not a slave to putting a cream on twice a day, everyday of your life. When you stop the Vaniqa, you are still left with the problem.

I give you my good wishes and stongly urge you to go forward with a well thought out plan of attack.


Please put your location in your profile information so we may better help you tony

You should also get a copy of Julia Ross’ The Diet Cure, so that if you have any of the conditions she points out in the book, you can arrest that, and maybe stop this from getting worse.

I have had the areas very close underneath my eyes worked on, it’s no problem. I’ve also had one part of my nose worked on, the tip, and it was no problem. I think there are very few places that electrolysis can’t be performed, if you have a good electrolysis, so I think it is probably your best bet.

Thx I feel better already. Ive gone to my doctor now and am waiting for a appointment with a Determatologist before I begin with electrolysis.

Do you happen to live in the Vancouver area?

Yes I do Eddy.

Okay. I don’t know if you have found an electrologist yet or not or if you are searching for one at the present time. If you want a referral option let me know and I will give you a contact if you wish. Feel free to e-mail me if you want this done privately. Your choice and good luck.

What type of hair are you talking about? I have hair on all of these areas, but it’s fine hair, and you can’t see it except at certain angles and in certain light. I’m not crazy about it, but I think some of it is just a normal process of aging.

I have been having thermolysis treatment on my cheeks for the last six months. I have cleared quite a bit of coarse, darker beard hair clear up to the eye. It is safe and effective, in my opinion.

Just out of curiosity - What did the doctor say about the hair growth on your nose? I have considered going to see the doctor, but I am afraid he is going to say that there is nothing wrong with me!

Id still first like to see a Determatologist. When I told my doctor what I wanted to do and needed a determatologist he had never even heard of Electrolysis and was like so you want laser and I told him no.

They set me up with a number and when I contacted the place I found it was also a place where they also performed laser hair removal/plastic surgery under the dertmatologist supervison and it wasnt best to make a appointment with them.

I have found a guy id like to see down in the fairmont building whos supposed to be a expert on hair but I cant find his number anywhere so on Tue ill go to my doctoros office and get them to find it. I will email you anyways and get the information.

Im 24 its all over full body problem but the rest can be covered. I cant comment on the nose untill I actually see a determatologist.

The number your probably thinking of is the V.E.C. at the Fairmont Medical Bldng. It is 604-876-6821

I finally saw a Dermatologist. He thinks the problem is genetic. He is sending me to the skin care clinic to see the top hair specialist in the province. There is hair growing every cm of my face even my nose. With limited money to help me im not sure what will happen to me. Need to pray that a one time use permanent hair remover is created.

What am I gonna do about the hair on my nose. Not inside like the entire actually nose is covered with hair. Im scared ill have to wear a mask or something I cant shave my nose!

If your case is established as genetic and when you do talk to this specialist, raise the subject as to whether there is some way that your possible treatments, whatever they may be, could be covered by insurance, ex. M.S.P.

Hey Eddy sorry I didnt reply to your email my hotmail is having issues loading and sending messages ill add you to my yahoo mail.

Well today I went to the main skin care center in my province with supposedlly the top hair expert in the province. Him and his two assistants looked me over. They ran no tests and said there was probally no need and said its most likely genetic cause of my ethnic background. The electrolysis I met also said the same thing. Im not happy with this I still dont feel comfortable with them just both assuming its genetic cause of my ethnicity. Nobody in my family is like me with hair on every cm of there body including nose,forehead, and entire face, entire ear and neck. None of my friends either who are all the same ethnicity basically.

This guy brought up techniques that can be used on my face including threading and these strips I can apply to my nose and pull off like waxing. He prescibed Vaniqua for me wich he said is for women but I can use it on my nose to reduce hair growth and a possible side affect might be acne.

In the end he wants me to begin laser treatments. 6-8 he said at a cost of $200 + per treatment side affect could be pigmentation. Not sure I got the word right.

I brought up the point that I had read online forums and that several ppl who have had laser on there face experienced more hair growth to wich they laughed and said this is a very very rare occurance.

I brought up electrolysis and one the assistants said there could be scaring and its very painful. The expert said that its a affective technique but its old and laser is moderen technology and theres no need for electroylsis now with lasers around. He was sorta laughing while saying this.

Ive decided not to rush anything and im going to see more dermatologist and just chill for now. Im not even sure if I should start using the Vaniqua on my nose. Im not even clear on what it really does. This guy was just to goofy for me and I need to see someone a little more serious.

it sounds like they don’t really know what they’re doing and only “selling” their service to you. yes, you should find someone serious and see an MD (not hair removal specialist) to run tests on the possible causes.

Well this guy I met was reccomended by a dermatologist and my doctor. He is a MD,FRCPC Dermatology,Hair Specialist & Surgeon who works for the Main Hospital in downtown. He also teaches at the university and trains people. Im going to check out a place Eddie reccomended. This is the place I went to…


The Skin Care Centre

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