worried after first treatment

I am an Indian male with black thick hair and light brown skin. I decided to go for Laser last last month and had made an appointment with 3 different laser clinics to get my arms lasered, and in the end I decided to go to the place closest to my home (8 miles). I chose them because the woman who does the laser was really informative about the risks of laser and didn’t send out the vibe that she was trying to make a sale, she has had over 3 years experience and I spoke with a girl in the lobby who was on her 3rd treatment and provided good feedback.

I answered a bunch of questions and even though my skin is light, she noted my as a skin type IV - V because I rarely burn and always tan. She informed me that since I have thick hair on my arms, it will probably take over 8 treatments and that after the 5th treatment the remaining 3 will be free. And after my last treatment, I can come in for free touch ups within a 1 year period.

The laser she uses is the Lightsheer Diode, and she used a setting of 20 Joules. Since I have a lot of hair on my arms, I was quite red after treatment and had some swelling. I could see red spots right where all my little hair roots were. She told me to wear plenty of sun block and said that my hair should fall out in 2-10 days.

It took me about 3 days to totally recover from the redness, the swelling went down significantly on the 2nd day. BUT My arms didn’t turn silky smooth as almost all of the hair remains (and it has now been 13 days), but I do notice a few gaps with no hair throughout my arms. Or maybe I’m just trying to be optimistic here and those spaces of no hair were always like that before?

LAgirl had told me that the Nd:YAG laser was probably the only laser that could work for me, but none of the places I visited had that Laser. And I did a lot of research on Google about the Lightsheer Diode, about how it can work on IV and V skin types.

Some other things to consider. I had epillated my arms about 5 weeks prior to my laser treatment, my hair grows back fast. After 2 weeks it was already growing back and I actually let it grow out for the next 2 weeks. And I had started shaving again the same week of my Laser appointment.

My 2nd treatment is scheduled for October 26th. I’m hoping this next treatment will go a little better, maybe a lot of my hair was in the resting phase during the first treatment?

The woman did tell me I probably wouldn’t see optimum results until after my 3rd treatment, but from what I’ve been reading everywhere … the hair is suppose to fall out and the treated area is suppose to be smooth until new hair grows back. I think.

Ugh, I’m worried! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

Very sorry for the long post.

20 joules on LightSheer is pretty low, but I don’t know if your skin can handle a higher settings than that…that’s why Yags are better for darker skins, because they allow for higher settings to be used without burning the skin.

I would wait another week before making conclusions. It takes me 2-3 weeks to shed the hair. Usually the shedding just starts at about 1.5 week mark for me. Also, try pulling on some hairs. If they slide out easily without resistance, they will shed. Try exfoliating in the shower etc and gently scrub the area with a loofa.

If you want to try to find a Yag in your area, you can also try running a provider search on the Candela Corporation (GentleYag) and Cutera (Coolglide) websites.

Where are you located? Maybe someone knows of a clinic around that area with a Yag.

I am in Palmdale (about 50 miles north from Los Angeles). And I have been using a loofah in the shower, and shaving the area since the 3rd day after treatment.

I will give it another week and hopefully see some significant shedding.

My dilemma right now is deciding whether I should go back for my 2nd treatment or go to a place that has a GentleYAG laser.

I would wait 3 weeks and then go back to the LightSheer place and have them test spots to see how high of settings you can take on LightSheer. If at least 30-35 joules can’t be used safely without burning your skin, I would switch to a Yag.

Ok. I just found out there is a place near me that has a GentleYAG and I just gave them a call to setup a visit for this upcoming Monday.

If I feel this place is legit (the experience of the doctor, and the price) how long should I wait until I go in for my first treatment with them?

If you don’t see anything shed after 3 weeks from your initial treatment, I would shave the area and see if the hair is still growing in at the same rate as before. If it is, you can go in within the next 1-2 weeks. Just don’t do anything to remove the hair with the root before the treatment. Shaving only.

I would wait 3 weeks and then go back to the LightSheer place and have them test spots to see how high of settings you can take on LightSheer. If at least 30-35 joules can’t be used safely without burning your skin, I would switch to a Yag.

I don’t think I’d be able to handle 30-35. She started at 21 and actually went down to 20.

just hang in there for the first few weeks as the total amount of shedding will probably not evident until the 2-3 week time, try not to shave it as this will mask exactly all the hairs that have shed or not. It is hard not to as you have all these hairs popping up looking pretty odd but it is the best way.

I have reasonably dark skin and have been burnt before. You will probably get some good results at 20-25J lightsheer but any higher you may burn. I did. Yag laser will be the safer option and you will probably get some good results, probably not as good as lightsheer (25-35J) but they will still be significant and you wont get burnt.

try different lasers, tis the best way to get the results you are after.

OK, I haven’t shaved for the last 2 days and I can now easily notice that there are patches of smooth skin.

Still, I wonder if the hair that is there has yet to fall out from the laser treatment, or if it’s new hair that grew back.

I think I will give the LightSheer another shot.