Worried about aftercare

I’ve found two electrolysis places in close proximity to one another, and am planning on checking them out tomorrow afternoon after uni. The problem is, I’m worried about aftercare and also covering up. One of the places does blend (Gobi went there and had some problems with scabbing), and the other I have no idea what modality they use.

With aftercare, people have said witch hazel in the morning and tea tree oil at night. I have witch hazel, but I know it has alcohol in it. Is it still ok to use this or not?

Also, since I want to get electrolysis on the face (chin, which has 1cm long vellus type hairs), what sort of makeup can I use over this to cover up? I have a medicated concealer which is supposed to help with pimples but I’m assuming that would be too harsh. I also use Clarins pressed powder compact (the wet to dry version) and a Biotherm transluscent powder… these are like the only foundation makeup I have. Would any of these be appropriate or should I look into a tinted moisturiser?

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

I advise my clients not to wear makeup for 24-48 hours after a treatment. Many say the don’t need to hide anything, that the skin returns to normal within hours to a few days depending on the intensity of the work.

Witch hazel has 14% to 20% alcohol in it and should be no problem for you. It is much better than using 70% or 90% alcohol. If you insist on using makeup, make sure it is fresh and that you apply it cleanly. Mineral makeup is very nice. If you get little white pustules after using makeup, I would go back to not using anything for the first day or two other than witch hazel, aloe vera gel and tea tree oil at bedtime (just a dab). Communicate closely with your electrologist if your skin reaction is too harsh. Maybe she can do something on the other end to minimize the reaction.

I would also avoid makup at least for the first 24 hours. I didn’t have any issues. Redness goes away within an hour or two. Icing helps too.

Proper treatment on vellus hair should result in very little noticeable healing. You will have some redness right after the treatment, but if there are any other manifestations, then you must talk to the electrologist - show them the problem - so that they can evaluate their settings and technique.

PS: I give clients cotton squares with witch hazel to apply on their way home and recommend that they apply witch hazel in this same manner throughout the day. It is very important to use since it is summer and there is more external heat.

hi, when i had some treatment done on my face (between my hairline and eyeborws), the spot just went red but it was fine after a couple of hours, there was no scabbing or anything.(ithought i would have to wear makeup to cover up) But on my stomach i have heaps of lilttle scabs, and i heard that this is so becasue our body is more dry then our face

When I started electrolysis my skin used to become red and warm to touch. I wash my face with mild face wash after reaching home so that all dirt is removed. I could not keep anything on my face as I used to keep splashing my face with ice cold water every hour. I also used to get up in the middle of my sleep to wash my face once again. If i did not do that then I used to get small breakouts here and there (specially on upperlips) because of face oil and dirt trapped in open pores.

My skin is used to electrolysis now so I wash my face after reaching home and then before sleeping only. I didn’t have any skin problems other than short term redness and warmness of skin. That too is normally gone in less than 24 hours. If you are feeling skin problems lasting more than a day then you are not treated properly.

Thanks for the advice guys! I guess I shouldn’t let a few dots get in the way of me being hair free anyway!

I was worried about the witch hazel because its an import from the USA and wasn’t sure if it was added alcohol or not, but it is 14% so sounds like its fine. At the moment its winter here too so that’s a plus.

The breakouts aren’t too worrying for me because I get pimples around the chin/jaw area mostly, so I usually have a few spots going at any one time, lol. I was kinda picturing more gaping wounds shouting out to everyone what I’d done :wink: