Wondering what options I have to reduce hyperpigmentation?

Current Hours: 15

Lately have been seeing effects of my 8th electrolysis appointment. I recently switched from a very nice female electrologist to an equally nice male electrologist; unfortunately both of them are an hour away!

My first electrologist had 6 years in the industry. She uses an Apilus xCell. I was going every two weeks, for 2 hours. My second has 35+ years in the industry. He uses a Silhouet-Tone ThermoBlend 328 and his sessions are 1 hour each, every two weeks.

He was shocked when I told him my electrolysis was taking 2+ hour long appointments, and noticed the discoloration in my chin area. My previous electrologist was super nice and really patient, however she was very slow and constantly had to rezap hairs that hadn’t released yet.

My once a day (morning) routine is

  • CosdeBaha Hyaluronic Acid
  • CosdeBaha Peptide Forumula
  • CosdeBaha Azelaic Acid/CosdeBaha Vitamin C
    (I swap every other day, only recently started using the Vit C about two weeks ago)
  • Biore UV Aqua Watery Essence SPF 50++++

I’m off on the weekends so for Saturday and Sunday I usually just put the Hyaluronic Acid and Peptide formula to give myself a break.

I don’t wear makeup at all, although currently I’m considering a skin tint :sweat_smile:

Since my 8th appointment, I noticed the hyperpigmentation was darker than what I’m typically used to. His machine is quite stronger, and while he’s not hurting me and is quite quicker, I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to reduce the dark spots.

I’d love some advice! I’m thinking of doing a Hydrafacial and Carbon Laser peel combo once the scab stage is complete for 3 sessions to start.

Current photos are about 3 days of hair growth. I have my 9th appt on Dec 1st. My new electrologist wants 5 days of hair growth, no more no less.

– hyperpigment is quite common, especially if u hv skin colour of fitpatrick type III & above. It is part of skin healing after skin/follicles was abused. Here’s my link
Quick fix for correcting of hyperpigmentation => https://beauty-electrolysis-laser.blogspot.com/2020/02/what-are-recommended-products-post.html

This will resolve in the months/years after your electrolysis treatments are completely finished, so there’s no need to take any drastic action until then. No need to use exfoliants so regularly, especially when you’re still having treatments.

First of all, you have beautiful skin. I also suffer from hyperpigmentation but that’s due to my acne so you’re lucky. To be honest, your skin looks just really good to me.
There are a few ingredients that work for hyperpigmentation if you want to keep them in mind: retinoids, kojic acid, arbutin, and licorice. Vitamin C is indeed a brightening ingredient but I see it more as offering protection against UV rays and as anti-aging ingredient instead of a hyperpigmentation agent.
Retinoids can only be obtained through a prescription but retinol products are OTC. But that’s an option that should be discussed with your electrologist.
Azelaic acid should work, too and I see that you’re already using it.
However, as I said, your skin looks pretty perfect to me, I think you should just continue with your routine and then maybe consider a professional chemical peel. Or use some glycolic acid pads at home a couple of times a week.


First off, lol thank you for the skin compliments :slight_smile: Believe it or not, I used to have terrible acne, like really bad congested skin.

It’s weird being in a place where I’m getting positive reactions to my skin? Especially going through electrolysis. But I’ve realized that all the imperfections that I focus on so, so much aren’t that noticeable to others.

In the past (~10 years or so) I tried retinoids and my skin did not react well :joy: But I was also dealing with hormonal fluctuations from puberty so :man_shrugging: My skin responds really well to acids (thus the Azeliac) but maybe it’s time for a revisit!

Seriously though, it’s reassuring someone else can see progress! I look at my ‘before’ photos and wonder if there’s that much of a difference

acid peels
retinol products
uv protection
oral glutamine

I always say, learn what “that thing” is before you try methods to get rid of it. You need to know what PIH actually is before doing any treatments to rid yourself of it. (BTW, I worked with the company that developed the “Hydrafacial” … don’t bother.)

Hydrafacial is a skin treatment accessible in Saharacosmo dermatology center, it is otherwise called hydradermabrasion as it includes microdermabrasion-like peeling matched with hydrating serums. Hydra facial is utilized for profoundly perfect, shed, and hydrate your skin.

Hydrafacial used to further develop issues like:

Fine lines and wrinkles
Versatility and immovability
Skin surface
Slick and clogged skin
Amplified pores.

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Hyperpigment- Looking from other perspectives
Melanin is indirectly anti-aging and can prevent cancer

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