Women who have done clear and wait on the face?

How do you make the leap?

I’ve been travelling to my electrologist for body work and I’m happy with the results so far. I want to get my facial hair done, but I was hoping to get it done locally. An alternative is to travel every three months for clearance on the face, mostly under chin area. There is something to be said for going to someone you know can do the work, so I’m considering if this option is realistic for me.

I would be shaving every day until a few days before treatment. (There’s no way I would consider just trimming. I would have to be able to afford my own place and work totally from home and order all my groceries online and never see anyone for a year in order for that to be viable. Not going to happen.)

The thing is, I can’t imagine growing out all that hair at once, and having to travel and stay somewhere overnight with stubble on my face. Yes, most of it is under my chin which is less noticeable and I can wear some kind of scarf. It’s a psychological jump to actually do this. I don’t think people have noticed my facial hair. Maybe I’m delusional but I don’t think they have, with the exception of my sideburns when I forget to shave them which I’ve gotten stick for in the past. (I can grow great sideburns, and I’m not that paranoid about them.)

So, what is it like? How do you cope? I’m just trying to imagine actually going through with this, since the logistics of getting your face done as a woman without being caught doing it have put me off for years. I will have to grow out my hair for a couple of days first. Take several days off work each time, for travel, treatment, and a ‘growing’ day at home before travel. Pay for my own room to stay overnight. Then hopefully the chipmunk cheeks will die down overnight so I will be presentable the next day. Travelling for body work is a no-brainer in comparison.

After 40-years of doing this, I have NEVER encountered a woman that would let it “all hang out.” The “pick away at it” method takes longer (over-all time), but it’s fine too.

If you read your own post … you have your answer.

Pick at it locally …

“Growing out your hairs for a couple days” before a clearance? … NO, NO, NO !! That will not work for the “clear & wait” technique. You are wasting your time.

Mike is correct - a woman cannot easily comply with growing out her beard while she waits to get cleared every month three to four months.

I, too, am fine with shaving and clipping the hair or wearing a scarf, until we catch up with those vicious hair growth cycles, until we reach the bottom of the barrel (run out of bothersome hair follicles).

Staying local is easier on the you and your budget, so do consider that!