Women: Shave Facial Peach Fuzz?


I have a question regarding shaving facial peach fuzz. I have read around the forum that shaving does not change the nature of the hairs, as in they will not come back thicker or darker. However, I have been reading around online that women should not use a regular razor to shave and use a ‘facial’ razor if they do not want the hair to come back ticker. Is that true? I mean, I don’t understand how the hair will tell the difference between the razors.

Also, some say that the facial hair is different, as in you can shave your body hair and it will not be affected, but facial hair will come back thicker if you shave it. I would appreciate your thoughts on that.

I have long peach fuzz and it is VERY noticeable - even my friend recommended trimming it but it feels rough because of the edges.

It would be great if anyone can advise me here :slight_smile:

The type of razor used will not make changes in the texture (diameter or density) of a woman’s facial hair.

Yes. Shaving will make hair feel a little prickly, due to the hair all being one length and cut blunt. Using scissors to clip the hairs will help avoid this feeling.

If, over time, your hair does become larger in diameter or density, then it was due to physiological changes and not due to cutting, clipping, shaving, etc.

I find that the “eyebrow shapers” are great for this purpose. Small and compact, plus it doesn’t leave any razor burn.

I have this same issue (though it’s mixed with darker hairs so I’m doing some electrolysis at the moment), many of my girlfriends have had good results with dermaplaning facials or with using an enzymatic growth slowing cream combined with shaving (Gorilla is the latest) to cut down on the prickly feeling for a while.

and Barbara is, of course, dead on regarding the fact that you can’t change the nature of any hair itself just by shaving it.

I shaved my upper lip for many years but now used dipilator creams or snip with scissors, I found that I actually have what you have peach fuzz on the upper lip and dark hairs in the corner of my lip I don’t shave in the corner of my lip cos I would be frightened I’d end up doing the cheeks or something by the side of the corner lips by mistake the cream assures me that I only get the area’s needed doing. However as I am having electrolysis treatment elsewhere I am planning to eventually do the corners of the lips too providing the electrolysis works in the other areas. I was also frighted by people writing that after years of using a razor they end up with a 8 o’clock shadow that doesn’t come off the lip and I think that’s what worries me the most. I also read that what ever way you get rid of the hair its best to use a sun cream on the area when going out to prevent a shadow too.

Shaving hair does not make hair grow back thicker. However, it does give the hair a blunt tip which makes coarser hair feel stubbly when it grows back. I haven’t found peach fuzz to grow back stubbly. If I am not removing it from the root, I like to use the tingle or any cheap eyebrow shaver to remove facial peach fuzz.