WOMEN I need your opinion.

WOMEN I need your opinion.
Hi all.
MY problem is – I do have lots of hair on my shoulders an back.
I didn’t take any vacation for the last few years, because I can’t go on the bitch.
Same story for gym or swimming pool. I am successful men. Live in a good house, driving luxury cars, having good job, wife and kid.
My wife loves me for who I am and she is fine with my coat, but I can’t get over
This ‘100% attention feeling’ from everybody else.

I need female opinion on it. Is it really bad and ugly? I cant have normal life because of it.

Imerm, if it makes you that self-conscious, it’s pretty easy to deal with it. I suggest getting it waxed and see how you like it. If it makes you less self-conscious, you can wax a week or so before trips to the beach, etc. If you want a permanent result, you can give that a shot, too.

There are always going to be people who stare or say mean things if you’re different. Luckily, in your case, it’s really easy to deal with if oit bothers you that much.

Good advice, Andrea.

Honestly, I think the only thing that matters is your wife’s opinion. But I know how it feels to be self conscience about myself, and sometimes it really pays to fix that issue. Since you seem to be well off financially, why not go for the laser? I would reccomend looking into it, just for your own personal self esteem. :smile:

Hello… I noticed that this post is rather old but I figured I’d reply anyway. I’m a 20 year old woman and I find hair on a man to be very attractive. I was ‘cursed’ with embarrassing body hair and I find it to be very masculine. Therefore, I find that the more hair a man has on him, the more masculine he looks, and this I find attractive. Anyway… that’s my take on it! I know one girl who doesn’t like hair on a man but I know two others who say “the more hair, the better!” So I guess it depends on the person.