Woburn: Electro-Epilations: Permanent Hair Removal

<B>Electro-Epilations: Permanent Hair Removal</B><P>
<I>Karen Drake, RE, CPE<BR>
Christine McCann, RE, CPE</I>
<P> <I>Woburn 4-Corners</I><BR>
192A Lexington Street <br>
Woburn, MA 01801<BR>
(617) 938-6112
<P> <B>Description of Practice:</B>
<P>Electro-Epilations is owned and operated by the mother-daughter team Christine
McCann, R.E., C.P.E. and Karen Drake, R.E., C.P.E. They design a treatment plan
that uses different techniques suited to each client’s specific needs, including
both thermolysis and blend. Professionalism, effective treatments, office cleanliness,
and client follow-up are also part of Electro-Epilations’ standard business
<LI>Karen Drake is a current Board Member o the Massachusetts Association of
<LI>Christine McCann is a Licensed Electrology Instructor.
<LI>Private, Comfortable, and Professional Atmosphere.
<LI>Competitive Rates. (Mention this ad and receive a free consultation and
$10 off 1st visit).
<LI>Convenient Location. Close to Burlington, Lexington, Stoneham, Winchester,
and Woburn. Minutes from Routes: 3, 128 & 93.
<LI>Thermolysis, Electrolysis, and Blend techniques with state of the art equipment.
<LI>Strict infectious control standards adhered to through the use of pre-sterilized
disposable probes, dry heat sterilization and medical gloves.
<LI>Owners hold Massachusetts State License as well as a voluntary National
Certification (R.E. & C.P.E.). And, are members of the Massachusetts Association
of Electrologists, Inc. and the American Electrology Association.