Woburn: Advanced Electrology Associates

<B>Advanced Electrology Associates</B><BR>
<I>Francine Capuzzo R.N. Registered Nurse<br>
Barbara Callahan R.E.<br>
<P> 888 Main Street<br>
Suite 3<BR>
Woburn, MA 01801 <BR>
(781) 935-7333 / (866) 250-7333<br>
<P>e-mail: francicap@yahoo.com<br>
website: <a href=“http://www.advancedelectrology.com”>www.advancedelectrology.com</a>
<P> <B>Hours:</B><BR>
Monday through Saturday, days and evenings
<P> <B>Description of Practice:</B><BR>
Advanced Electrology Associates have been in practice since 1987. It is owned
and operated by Francine Capuzzo R.N. Registered Nurse and Barbara Callahan
R.E. Registered Electrologist. Consults are offered on both electrolysis and
laser hair removal with recommendations for which treatment is BEST FOR YOU.
The offices are meticulous and offer the highest standards of cleanliness and
sterilization. Privacy and confidentiality are always practiced at Advanced
Electrology. <br>
What makes us different from the rest? Results are top priority to us; we are
experienced, efficient and caring professionals who have great rapports with
our clients; and prescription topical anesthetics are provided when necessary.
For more information: <a href=“http://www.advancedelectrology.com”>www.advancedelectrology.com</a><br>
Call for a complimentary consultation.<br>