Will this get better?

About a year ago, I got 3 IPL treatments on my areolas. Big mistake. Before the treatment, I had about 20-30 hairs on each breast, afterwards, this number tripled-quadrupled. Also, after the treatments, I noticed a tiny loss of sensation in the area.

For the past 3 months I have been getting electrolysis in the area. My electrologist has been using blend with an insulated probe. She seems to be very good. Her machine is the Apilus S500 (Sx500? - i dont remember the name exactly). Anyway, after the last treatment (which was an hour long), I have noticed that the area is even MORE numb. That treatment occurred about 5 weeks ago. I know I have about 5-6 more months of electrolysis in order to catch all the growth cycles. But now I am super worried. I don’t know if my nerves can handle this much more treatment.

I am wondering, should the numbness eventually go away? Will the nerve endings eventually regenerate?
Can I tell the electrologist to do anything to prevent any more nerve damage?

After each treatment, I sometime get little scabs for a week, sometimes there is hardly any reaction at all. So I dont think she is overtreating. I dont know exactly what the heat setting is that she uses. What I DO know is that for the first few sessions, the heat setting she was using required her to insert about 1-2 times per hair. Then for the last session she incremented the heat setting by one step, so that she only needed one insert per hair (these hairs were also much finer than the initial ones).

Any suggestions/ideas?

There are so few breast hairs, I wonder why she is not using blend. If you had difficult to remove hairs, and I had an Apilus SX-500, I would go with that one. Possibly the Omni-Blend setting.

Although I have not had a client complain of this problem, I have also not heard of anyone who reported having any permanent change in sensation from electrolysis either.