Will this ever end?

I feel like I’m going to be spending thousands on hair removal, and I want to be sure it wont come back jsut as much, i can handle even 50% less of what i have, but not 100%

Do you think I’ll be wasting my time and money investing in hair removal (ie laser and electrolysis?)

I’m not sure what your question means. If you get good treatments, you will get permanent results with both. They kill the hair permanently, i.e. they disable the follicles from producing new hair. You can read plenty of stories like mine at the link below. I’ve been done for several years now and haven’t regretted it for a second.

Is there a reason you think it will come back?

If you have underlying medical condition that’s causing it to grow and you’re not on medication for it, you may need a touchup once or twice a year once in a while. But that’s it.

I have no medical condition, just lots of hair, so that’s why i’m scared it will come back. It’s everywhere =( just not coarse, but black…i hope i have the same results and luck as you…right now i have done 3 laser treatments on the jawline and i have seen drastic results. I’m hoping they last when i complete the treatments!

Also, is it more beneficial to has laser done with electrolysis to complete the process for stomach area. Or should I just opt to go with electrolysis from the start?
My hairs are pretty black, most are finer, but some are pretty thick.

Keep in mind that a male’s face is the hardest area to treat, so don’t judge how it will work based on your face. You should have excellent results on your stomach if the hair is the way you say it is. I have almost complete removal on mine after 5 sessions.

I think she is female.

Please post a photo of your stomach and we can help. It’s hard to tell over the internet whether it’s coarse enough to be worth a treatment or two with laser first.

Once again, if settings and laser type is good, hair will be disabled. There is no reason for it to come back. Once the follicle is heated enough to disable it, it can’t regenerate to produce hair again.