Will these scar?

It’s hard to see, but about 6-8 of those look like chunks taken out of my skin. I went to someone new and I regret not having her do it on my neck first to see how she is. sigh, these pictures were from last night. Visible healing took place in past 12 hours but NOT the tiny pinpoint scabs that flake away after 48 hours. I do have really sensitive skin, but this looks like an utter and complete F up.

I’m putting on tea tree oil and witchazel. Is there anything I could get at wholefoods? All the stuff i’ve looked at online appears it will take 3-4 days to get here and I don’t want to wait that long.

Forgot to add that I had her stop halfway through because it didn’t look right. That’s why you see only about half the hairs on my upper lip treated. Really glad I did stop while I was ahead.

These should heal, but you were right to stop the treatment. I would use aloe vera gel liberally as often as you want. Find a product where aloe is the first ingredient. Don’t pick at any scabs that may form. That can cause scarring.

This is not what a good electrolysis outcome should look like. The skin should look undisturbed, except for some pinkness/redness and some edema (swelling) that should subside in minutes to hours to three days.

Aloe. Right out of the refrigerator.

Alright thank you. I was a mess last night when I saw how bad it turned out!

I would feel the same way. You were very smart to keep the session short. Show your practitioner the pictures. She or he may want to this kind of feedback so as not to repeat this.

bunnybunny, please keep us updated regarding how your lip heals and how your electrologist responds if you show her the pictures. Best wishes :frowning:

I almost never recommend products, but in your case try to get some “iS Super Serum” … with copper polypeptides. This will work splendidly for you right at this moment.

That looks like a great product. Watch out for the hair stimulation potential with it though. Maybe not for continuation during electrolysis treatment in general.


Why would this product cause “hair stimulation?”

When it comes to peptides, copper peptide is the only ingredient in the peptide family that has real scientific studies done on going back 20+ years. Usually peptide creams that are promoted by skincare industry backed by fluff marketing and questioning scientific studies usually done by the manufacturer that has a result before the study is observed…

Copper peptides work slow but do play a real role in stimulating wound healing process.

I don’t disagree Fenix, but the product was recommended by my plastic surgeon and actually seems to be beneficial. Most of the time I dislike any such product … maybe there’s a placebo effect going on, but in a couple cases … healing my blunders … this product worked amazingly.