Will the peach fuzz stay???

Hi! I am a 26 year old female, type IV. Due to my Italian heritage I am blessed with a low hair line and thick side burns. I have been working with my dermatologist for years with other problems and have come to trust her. I have scheduled my test run as well as the actual procedure in Oct. to have the hair on my neck removed and my side burns. My hairdresser will prep the area for me before I go in (meaning she will shave it for me). My question is that I just recently waxed my side burns and although I liked the result I did not like that with wax I lost all the peach fuzz and there was not a good blend. Therefore, I was left with a line on my face for a few days and makeup would not even cover it. I was wondering if I have this done will the peach fuzz remain or will I have a permanent line on my face where the fuzz is and the fuzz is not. I hope this question makes sense. I have searched online for the answer and would love any insight I could get.

Most likely, especially if it’s lighter, the peach fuzz will stay.