Will steadily growing hair still shed 2 weeks after treatment?

It has now been 10 days since my first laser treatment for the hair on my back and shoulders, although, last year I had two mildly successful IPL treatments that seem to have thinned some of that hair, if not destroyed it.

My tech used a Candela GentleYAG (1064) at 30 joules. I don’t know the pulse width. The hair that is growing back seems to be the full force of what was there before the laser. It is growing just as fast as usual, and I have noticed only a very little shedding. My first question is - will this hair shed in another week’s time, if it is growing so quickly, and can’t be easily pulled out?

I thought 30 joules was a bit low, but I have type 2 skin, and dark hair. Still, I would rather get burned than have no results, which seems to be the case right now. Is it possible the IPL has left only hair that needs to be treated with a diode laser, or much higher energy?

I am a bit fed up, and would rather wax this lot, and then try again in a few weeks with another laser. Is it advisable? I know some people will say 'no, don’t do it, because it will mess up your future results, but the current results are aleady so poor, what is the harm?