Will long apts spaced out be effective?

Being 50+ miles away from my highly reccomended electrologist I decided to try the one lady close to me. Wasn’t a good idea. I am not able to go back to my electrologist till I move back in sept/October. However, I was thinking of going every 4-5 weeks for long apts. but I’m not sure if this would even be effective. I am working on the under arm area and the face. Last time I went it took about an hour and a half for each under arm and a half hour for the face. If I go 4 hours every 5 weeks would this schedule be effective or am I wasting my time? I know hairs grow back every 4-6 weeks so I’m not sure if this works. Also, I’m not sure if we’d be able to clear the areas every 4-5 weeks but close to it. Thank you for any help!

As long as you refrain from tweezing and waxing (cutting shaving and bleaching are permissible) between treatments, that schedule will be perfectly fine. It would be best to clear the face first and then use the remaining time on the underarms. A few great spaced out treatments, achieves much more than frequent treatments with a less skilled operator.

Also keep in mind that your electrologist may not want to do appointments that long.It’s very physically intensive work, and 4 hours can be a bit difficult in one sitting.

If you go every five weeks to clear the area’s yes that would be effective. I prefer this over doing 15-30 minutes every week like some electrologists do. A long appointment, over an hour, requires you to tolerate it and it requires the Electrologist to have an ergonomic set up that makes it easier to do microsurgery on hair follicles for hours at a time. I like to set a timer every 90 minutes to hydrate and stretch, but I won’t do over five hours anymore unless I feel I physically can.

YES, LONGER SPACED OUT APPOINTMENTS WORK GREAT, but many electrologists don’t do longer than an hour for various reasons.

Thanks to years of regular yoga, I don’t find long sessions taxing at all and highly recommend it to members of our profession. Many of our clients would also be challenged to lie in one position for hours on end. Like Dee, I also take breaks every 1.5 to 2 hours.