Will laser trigger coarse hair growth?

I had fine hair…not ultra fine but bearable. Then I started tweezing. If only I would have known!!! Soon enough I started getting these thick coarse hairs that have been ruining my skin. So now, I am putting an end to this saga and getting my skin (and life back). here is a question. I know laser would be awesome for these thick coarse hairs ( I am skin type 3.3 hehe). But would laser trigger more terminal hairs. Would it convert the finer hairs into terminal hairs? I hear from a lot of ppl that the thickness of the hair doesn’t matter, just the pigment and thus I’d be a good candidate…but I dunno. I was thinking of starting laser and continuing with electrolysis…BUT if laser would turn my finer hair into terminal hair( since I am prone) then I’d rather start off with electrolysis. I know that in order for this to happen hormones play a huge role. I had my hormones checked. They are within the normal range though a little high on the testosterone side, so this makes me prone. Btw I had 95% reduction with laser on my legs, bikini, glutes etc.

I’d love to hear from Chris from R&J.
Any takers?


He’ll want ot know what area want lased. Is it your face?

Mocha, what color hair did you have on your glutes, and what was its texture? I would like to get mine off with laser, but mine is fine.

Texture of the hair DOES matter - it’s the most important part. The color is a given - only dark hair would work, but it has to be COARSE AND DARK. Dark and fine won’t work and yes, can stimulate more growth on the face.

How much growth do you actually have on your face? What parts of the face? Is it dense and coase?

I am a brunette. The hairs are all dark, however, not all of them are dense and coarse. Only a few around the chin/jaw area are really coarse ones, I’d say 10-15%. 35% of the hairs are medium grade and the rest are rather fine (but noticeable).
A question, does plucking make hair coarser or is this just a myth?

IT is no myth, and the worst thing you can do. It not only strengthens the ones you tweeze, but also stimulates the downy hairs in the surrounding area ,and before you know it, what was a few hairs,becomes a major problem. The worst facial cases I see are the people who have tweezed. Nature gives us a few hairs, but tweezing keeps on giving.

Why? I by this I mean, what is the scientific explanation for this?

It is thought to be due to the increased blood supply to the follicles. I would suggest looking in the tweezing section of the forum to hear of others experiences.

Coconnell is correct on the tweezing. I increases blood supply to the follicle to repair itself and that stimulates growth.

Given your situation, you need electrolysis, not laser.