will it get worse?

I’ve recently been reading other teenage girls experiences on the internet and in different forums and they all say the same thing. They started to grow excess hair at about the age of 12/13(same as me) and then it kept getting worse. I assumed that the amount of excess hair i have now would always stay the same, but i’ve started to notice a few more popping up. Does this mean that it’s just going to keep getting worse and worse?? If so what can i do?

I also wondered if i should see a doctor for advice. I’m only 14 and have hairy arms/hands, stomach, chest, face etc.
Even though the hair isn’t as thick or dark as mens body hair it’s still quite noticable and i’ve been worrying that there might be something wrong with me.

I’d be grateful for any advice, thanx.

there is probebly nothing wrong with you lots of girls have excess hairgrowth. I would suggest you go see the doctor for two reasons: the first is hopefully he could offer you some reassurance the second is that it is possible that your hair growth might be caused by a medical condition for which you could receive treament-
If there is no medical cause for your hair growth then there are plenty of options open to you and plenty of support to be offered.
Please take hart