No, healthy skin and hair would grow normally. In order to increase unwanted hairs in new places, or to have more hairs in unwanted places that you already have them, one needs some outside stimulation, like a drug interaction (many women only have this problem because they took birth control pills, or some other medication). A temporary, or long term hormonal imbalance would do it as well (artificial sweeteners can do this, as can changes like pregnancy, menapause, or anorexia).

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Funny thing about anti-aging. All a person really would need would be daily consumption of vitmains A, C, and E in large enough doses, and the skin would be smooth, and supple. 100,000 IU’s of vitamin A a day handles even the worst case of acne over the course of a year (3 weeks to 3 months for lesser cases) and the vitamin C (research states that humans need a baseline of 15 GRAMS a day taken throughout the day) and 400 to 1600 IU’s of E throughout the day makes the skin young, and the heart & circulatory system strong.

For having a health hair, or skin vitamins and proteins are really important…