Will hairs grow faster again if I stop IPL? anyone had experience?

I’ve been posting A LOT about my problems with ingrowns on my shoulders (and also some on the chest) due to hairs getting thinner after IPL treatments. Now I think that another reasons that I get ingrowns, besides the fact that the hairs are so weak/thinn, is that the hairs also grow so unormaly slow after IPL and laser and that this gives them so much time beneath the skin before they actually penetrate it - and this gives them a chanse to grow wrong. Does this sound logical?

So I wonder if I stop IPL now and resort to waxing my back ,as I did before, will the hairs become “more alive” or grow faster again so that ingrowns will not occure like this? Has anyone got experience from this?
Becuase now I am just in the beginning of regrowth and already have maybe ten cyst like ingrowns and I can’t imagine what will happen when the regrowth realy hits in! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

It seems like nobody else reports any of these problems when their hairs get thinner due to LHR and that for most this means less ingrowns.

i doubt the speed with which the hair grows has anything to do with the hair being strong enough to puncture through the skin. it might matter more what kind of clothing you wear and whether you soak the skin in warm environment (like shower or bath) to open up the pores. the only thing waxing will do is make your hair possibly thicker after a while.