Will electrolysis work effectively? Pics incl

Hi everyone,

I hope this is the right spot to maybe ask this question. I’m considering committing to some electrolysis for my face, as I’ve heard laser isn’t totally permanent and can actually have the opposite effect and stimulate new hair growth.

I was hoping someone could compare and share their electrolysis journey. I’m worried that with my hair being quite fine, it will take a long time. I know this treatment is highly individual and dependent on a number of factors, but it would be really great to hear some kind estimation of what my face might need and what others experiences are for permanent removal. I need to be able to save accordingly! Is it totally naive to think I could be good with 4-6 hours?

Sending you all much love,

From a very desperate Londoner!

Further pic

I treat hair like that every single day. Electrolysis is 100% effective and we can treat any hair.

May I ask whether it’s dumb to assume that sparse and fine hair like this will take less time to treat and for it to be a quicker process?

Book appointments, ask questions to electrologists and go with your gut feeling on how they answer your questions. Sparse, finer hairs may or may not be faster to treat. There are multiple factors to consider like skill, visual aid and your medical history. Once you get your first clearance you will at least have an idea of how many hours it takes to achieve that first clearance and from there the clearances will go down in time over coming months.

it may be longer, due to the number of hairs. Fine hairs are sometimes plentiful, and we do still have to treat each one individually regardless. There is no economy from having finer hairs.