Will electrolysis help w/darkened skin? PIC added

Hi everyone, I’m new here. I’m a 32 year old female who never had a facial hair problem until a couple years ago when I noticed a few stray chin hairs pop up. Naturally, I wanted them permanently gone, so I decided to get laser treatment. I was brand new to the whole “facial hair removal” world, so when the person at the clinic pulled out a razor and shaved my chin area I was shocked! In fact, I kind of freaked out because I believed shaving that entire area would only lead to stubble and more growth. Well, she assured me it would not, and that shaving was necessary prior to laser treatment.

Well, now here I am a couple years later after having spent hundreds on laser to combat a “few” hairs, and now I have that dreaded growth everywhere on my chin. Laser did nothing but make matters MUCH worse (by the way, I do not have any hormonal imbalances or PCOS, and it’s only my chin…I barely have a mustache and am not a naturally hairy person). After attempting plucking, depilatories and waxing, I have finally resorted to daily shaving and have been doing so for a couple months now. I’m so depressed and I feel like I’ve lost my femininity. I’m very self-conscious of my face, especially in sunlight where I’m sure the stubble is obvious to others. I feel like the laser ruined my life…all over a couple pesky hairs.

Anyway, to make matters worse, now I’ve noticed that since I’ve started shaving, the area under my chin is darkening. I’m literally beside myself at this point, because it just seems like things keep getting worse. So at this point, the only thing I have yet to try is electrolysis. But my question is: will electrolysis help eliminate the darkened areas caused by shaving? Will it eventually restore to my natural skin tone? I’m so depressed over this, and I want this nightmare to be over! I think what really set me over the edge was when someone recently asked me if I washed my face because my chin looked “dirty”. OMG, I wanted to die.

Please help, and give me some hope!!!

EDIT I’ve added a pic (even though it’s really embarrassing for me!) to kind of show you guys what I’m talking about. You can see in the center the dark, almost leathery-looking patch of skin, and although you can’t tell from the pic, it’s pretty dark on the sides as well. Plus, on the left side you can see some stubble growth, and on the right some shaving bumps/irritation. But as you can tell from the rest of my face, it’s mostly peach fuzz that is really light and hardly noticeable. It’s just this stinkin chin ughhhh!! Soooo…does it look like I have any hope here?

Electrolysis should help with making skin look lighter inasmuch as any skin will look lighter where there is no dark hair growing/under the surface.

Emilily is absolutely right. The dark roots are tranparent through your skin producing a dark shadow. In my opinion, your skin also has produced a natural protection to defend against the aggression of shaving and is thicker than normal now.

Fortunately this process is reversible and the Electrolysis will resolve in a few months.
I remember a very graphic example that brought our friend Bryce few months ago. This will give you an idea of how the roots of the hair affect the color of the skin.

These images can also find useful. The “before” shows the upper lip of a woman who had spent years attacking her skin with tweezers and waxing.
The “after” shows the change due to the Electrolysis.



hi jojo, have you ever considered using the applosnix selectif pro? new invention (ultrasound) works on all skin types and ann hair colours… i have just recently started treatments… a website which will give u more info on it is www.ultrasoundhairremoval.ie … i am irish but living in melbourne… i heard about this from ireland first as it is in a lot of the clinics at home, i contacted a lot of these clinics to see if it works and heard positive results… i didnt want to spend another fortune on something that doesnt work… i have done elctroylsis for 8 years and it didnt work for me, i have to admit i went to the same electrolysis person all that time and then at the end i changed and the new person used a different type of electrolysis (where you hold the metal bar in your hand etc)… anyway that did seeem to work a bit better/effective but now i am trying the applisonix… anyway something to think about…good luck

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Hi emilily, just wondering what are your thoughts on the applisonix seelctif pro?.. u seem to have quite a few posts on this and i noticed you are in adelaide…have you heard of any applisonix selectif pro treatments up there… www.ultrasoundhairremoval.ie i am in melbourne and have just recently started treatment. it took me ages to track down where in australia actually does selectif pro treatments, but i eventually found one in mulgrave, melbourne… i think it the only place currently in melbourne, any in adelaide?

Thank you so much for the promising replies. I had my very first treatment today and I’m feeling very optimistic. I started a new thread about it here: http://www.hairtell.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/78266.html#Post78266