hay everyone, ok well i always usualy wax my arms right, and i started to epilate them as it can get every hair, but for some reason i find it comes back faster i dont get it, when i epilate on my legs the hairs come back less and feels like waxbing where as when i do it on my arms i feel they come after like 3 days and they are prikely like i just shaved them am i doing somthignwrong?? Help pleaseeee

Those hairs are breaking, rather than coming out by the root.

Sounds like you’re not doing it correctly and the hairs are breaking instead of coming out with the root.

ok thanks everyone, im gona do them again, and ther short so maybe they wont break when i do it

i don’t think you’re doing anything wrong.

i’ve used many different epilators over the last 10+ years and i’ve found that most that i have tried have this problem but to different extents. i settled on continuing to use my older philips epilator as this has been the only ‘newer’ one that removes rather than breaks most hairs. most epilators work better on thicker hair - if they can get a good grip on the hair then it will be pulled out, if not it will just break. i imagine this is what is happening.
in fact i tried 2 models from braun in recent years and they were terrible - broke virtually all the hairs just below the surface of the skin.

i’ve recently converted to waxing a lot more. i bought a wax heater and professional wax which allows me to get the hair out when it’s really short. i always and often wax my legs now and every now and again have a break from epilating my arms and wax them instead.