Whyt didn't I find you first

I wish I hadnt bought from Global electrolysis supply before finding this site. Hopefully as the unit purchased hasnt shipped yet, we will be able to cancel our order. Also we are already in contact with our credit card company to dispiute the charge as soon as they actualy take the money, it is just a hold for now.

Why hasnt a Govt agency put these people out of business yet?

Just tell your CC company you are have cancelled the order and instructed the company NOT to send.

As for Gov’t intervention, you are talking about the people who allowed the Savings and Loan Scandal, and then raise YOUR TAXES to pay off depositors who would have lost their money behind the bad debts made by people who in some cases just stole the money by lending their shell company money and then closing the company (after taking the cash).

Whose looking out for you anyway?