Why would this happen??

I have been getting blend electrolysis on my lip and chin for about 8 weeks now. I have definitely seen progress, with smooth patches getting bigger, and more noticeable space between hairs, so generally, I am hopeful about this working.
What I am wondering about is this: before, when I was tweezing every day, I would get a couple of hairs under my chin every couple of weeks. Since I started electrolysis, the hair in that area seems to come in more quickly, with a few hairs every week. Will these go away, too, or have we open Pandora’s Box?

Within Pandora’s Box were laid all the ills and assorted misery of the human condition… However, there was also a small amount of hope put in there, and although you may suspect you are being dealt a bad hand, the hope will keep you going and if your technician is using an appropriate technique, delivered via a suitable machine, with due regard for your particular self, then you will get the results you are looking for…

Keep the faith,


Thanks, I’m trying.
I just can’t help wondering- if tweezing is an injury that causes blood to rush to the affected area and stimulate hair follicles, wouldn’t electrolysis be a worse injury, particularly in places where the skin is very thin?

Hang in there!!! You still have a long way to go. Hair grows and then goes into a dormant stage and is not visible. A new hair will grow or cycle in. I tell my clients that not all of their hairs are “cycled in” on their first visit. And if they tweezed that tweezed hair needs at least two and maybe many more months to come back. You should see less and less hair as the months go by. It works. Please be patient.


Yes, electrolysis can be a bigger injury. The difference is, that electrolysis has the power to permanently kill the hair follicle. A dead follicle cannot produce new hair with any blood supply.

hey cro-mag,

After my first electrolysis appt (about 5 weeks ago), the hairs have started coming in fast and furious. I suspect what’s going on (with the both of us) is that hairs that we had been plucking two, three months ago are now in their “growing” phase. since we haven’t been plucking (and shouldn’t be!), they haven’t been cleared and are now just coming in. So it’s not the elctrolysis that’s making them grow out, it’s the fact that they were dormant before and are now making their appearance.

Hope that’s about right…good luck with the treatment. I hope it works (for both of us)!


If any regrowth comes after electrolysis, it would take at least 7 weeks. Any growth you see before, are hairs which were not treated.
Your electrologist doesn’t pluck, does s/he?

People who pluck give themselves a little of a hard time when they get with the program of electrolysis. The reason is that when they have their first appointment, the electrologist is not working on the full problem, the full amount of hair that would have been there to start with is lessened by the previous plucking. As the treatment starts, the client goes into a phase where there is constant improvement, followed by the inevitable point where the real scope of the hair problem is revealed when a full face full of hairs comes in once a full cycle of growth starts that has never had benefit of plucking to reduce their numbers. At this point it will look like all previous progress was lost, but in a very short time the electrologist will recover the lost ground and the worst of it will be over.

You just have to stay the course.

In electrology, we have a saying “Only pluck the hairs that you want to keep.”

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Thanks, everyone. I’ll try not to obsess on this, and just go with the treatments!