Why the difference

Here’s a question:

I’ve been getting electrolysis for underarms and I had “average” amount of hair according to the lady I started with. I’ve lost track of how many hours I’ve done. Definitely more than 15 and that might be an underestimation.

Both ladies have a good reputation.

What I don’t grasp is…with James, Michael Bono and Josefa and other ones here, 3 full clearance treatments spaced 3 months is enough. With most others, we go back every time new hair are seen. If I follow the same plan i:e go back to them only after 3 months (with a full clearance in the first setting) should I expect the same results as the above electrologists? If not in 3 full treatments, than maybe 4-5? That should still save me hours of treatment as opposed to the way things are going right now.

Also my other problem is: I’ve noticed that my electrologists, regardless of the amount of underarm hair somehow manage to spread the treatment for the time I book (while I’m hoping they could keep their best speed and work on some other area I want to get started on) and they have never had a timer set…I always lose 5-10 minutes of the hour I book. I wouldn’t mind if I was working but being a student, this is not feasible. I find it very hard to broach the topic with them. I feel like things could be more in the best interest of the client than they are.

I going to post some nice photos of “Jossie” and “Trevor,” actors form LA. They both got a job as hosts on a new TV program and they have promised to “talk up” electrolysis … OH YEAH!

For underarms the total time (TTT) is always less than 7 hours. I tell every client that if I exceed 8 hours, all the following treatments are free. (These are averages collected during the last 25 years and they are exactly what Fino Gior also does … same hours.)

And yes, these numbers are the same as Josefa and James. Hairs: you must “kill” them, not “play” with them. And after all these years, I still hate hairs and enjoy killing them. Maybe it’s an instinct? “Hairs are my enemy!” Grrrrrrrr …

I was always curios how many celebrities had electrolysis done.
I guess that you, Michael, worked on many of them? Just wondering weather they prefer laser know or still stick with electrolysis?