Why not nose hairs?

I’ve read that electrolysis can’t be done on hairs inside the nose. My electrologist tells me that the only issue is being able to reach the hairs, and she can treat any near the opening that she can reach. Should I trust her to do this, or are there other issues involved, such as scarring?

Here is some past information that might interest you on nose hair. There is more if you do a search for ‘nose’.

Nose Hair

Thanks! That info is much more complete than what I had been able to find by wading through all the stuff that came up on a search. I still don’t know what I’ll decide, but that thread does answer my questions!


Just keep in mind that the doctor’s position is that any tissue injury in the nose invites the staph, bacteria, and any potential virus to gain more direct access to the blood pathways in the area of the nose. In their estimation, so much as a scratch by a fingernail, or a plucked nose hair can lead to a backlash that would send infection into the cranium via the blood pathways going past the optic nerve.

Now I bet you did not know that you were playing russian roulet every time you pick your nose, but that is what the doctors are saying. (In my 20 years I have never heard of anyone having such a complication from nose electrolysis, but I guess it is just as possible as triggering an infection via fingernail scratch, or nose hair pluck.)